SDaaS - The Strypes Approach To Software Development-as-a-Service

When to use software development as a service (SDaaS)

In-house teams don’t always have the right skill set, knowledge, or bandwidth to complete a project. Hiring new talent is often very time and resource consuming, especially when social insurance, taxes, and the cost of office space are added.

For projects that can’t be handled internally, Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) is a great approach that gives access to new talent and can cater for planned unknown growth. A good SDaaS partner will not only have the right technical experience but will also bring experience from previous projects and add value to the business as a whole. This partner will ensure that there are functional processes set in place, improving the overall workflow for long after the project has been completed.

At Strypes, we use the SDaaS approach to help our clients with the overall project planning, execution, and delivery. We act as an external member of the client’s engineering team. Our talent pool consists of more than 180 professionals who have delivered over 400 projects and 1 million lines of code.

In our experience, there are three main reasons our clients look for an SDaaS partner.

1. Planned unknown growth

There is a Roadmap for a certain time period that can’t be handled internally.

2. Scarce resources

It’s difficult and time-consuming to find the right developers to hire.

3. Insufficient knowledge

The client’s team doesn’t have the right experience and expertise to complete a project.

In the cases above, an external partner will be a valuable addition to the client’s team that would step in, take ownership, and make a detailed execution plan to guarantee successful completion.


We developed an approach called Nearsurance. Nearsurance brings the benefits of outsourcing software development services while ensuring easy communication and quality by having local team members present at the client’s site. Nearsurance blends high quality, increased productivity, and competitive pricing. The feedback we get from our clients about this model is that it builds a great work relationship with clear communication and quality assurance.

To make it even more effective, we blend it with other proven methods such as the V-model and an agile approach for continuous delivery and execution. First, we assess the client’s issue in depth. Then, we focus on building knowledge and building a dedicated team to bring this knowledge into the work process. Presenting a plan of action, we provide this team to the client and at their location to develop the solution, introduce an optimised process, and perform follow-ups and monitoring.

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The examples that we reviewed showcase a small fraction of our expertise in managing and executing SDaaS projects of different complexity and scope. Our in-depth approach is based on a proven methodology that starts with the right foundation and processes, understanding the requirements, building knowledge, planning, and then implementing.

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