Smart applications: An Integral part of business operations

Strypes offers end-to-end Smart Applications services, which include development, management, and modernisation. In our new white paper, we help you understand the work process from requirement gathering, development, testing, release to production, and bug fixing.

If you are in an industry that is moving from traditional operating environments to the cloud, then Smart Applications can become an integral part of your business operations. This is especially true in the instances where it is difficult to determine where the application lifecycle ends.

Our clients come from industries such as manufacturing, high tech, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and energy. The increased demand for growth of applications’ capabilities challenges them, and this is when they come to us. We help them manage, maintain, and automate certain activities.

We follow the predefined standards and best practices of the software development process, guaranteeing the highest quality of the software solution. On top of that, we have added services like bugs and issue management during development, version control, DevOps that includes continuous integration, continuous delivery, test automation, and application support activities following ITIL standards. We cover the entire lifecycle after the software is released to production.

This includes design, implementation, testing and integration, and release to production.

For our clients, Strypes is a trusted partner that has a proven track record and domain expertise in many areas of their business. We are flexible and fast when it comes to building new teams. Our customers come to us with a vision and a roadmap, and we help them develop their applications.

In this white paper, you can read more about the teams that we bring onboard and their roles, as well as the technical stack, and a case study of how we have successfully applied our expertise.

Do you want to learn about what Strypes Smart Application services can do for your business?


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