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The success of our Nearsurance working model

is slowly trickling down to other foreign countries. At Additude, ICT’s daughter in Sweden, we started working on our first project with an international Account Delivery team within our Nearsurance setup. Here we are executing an outsourcing Azure Cloud migration and service project for one of Additude’s customers.

One of the key success factors for our Nearsurance working model is having a local nearshoring specialist, the Account Delivery Manager. This person manages the client’s outsourcing process from a managerial and/or technical perspective and ensures a solid connection and smooth communication between the client and the project teams in Bulgaria.

To ensure complete coverage of Nearsurance competence and skills we set up a work model for Additude’s case with two Account Delivery Managers – one managerial and one technical person. The pandemic situation challenged the communication process, since little work could be done on site. However, thanks to the extra effort put both by the Account Delivery team at Additude and the Strypes team, the limitations were overcome resulting in even greater satisfaction by the client with the outsourced work.

A big step forward for our Nearsurance expansion

Yes, our project with Additude is just a small example of the potential for our Nearsurance expansion and the positive impulse it had in Sweden. We believe that by conducting regular evaluations and implementing necessary improvements we will be seeing even more sustainable Nearsurance in future. And not only in Sweden.

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Nearsurance means real partnership

How to build a sustainable and long-term relationship with a client? For us this has never been a question. We work with genuine interest in the client and care about what drives their business, what their goals, needs and real pains are. It is not about asking them. It is about putting ourselves in their shoes and gaining their trust by Nearsurance. This is how we at Strypes build partnerships with clients and create solutions that have real business impac]t for them.

Strypes is committed and prepared to go the extra mile
to deliver what we promise to our customers.

Doron Nethe

CEO of People’s Playground

Strypes Nearsurance in the US

Being a trusted partner for one of our largest customers, we have reached a substantial growth in outsourcing of high-qualified work. We are now at the stage at which we consider growing with the customer and we need to invest in an Account Delivery Manager based in the US. This will help us be more agile, connect with our client even better and respond to their needs faster and more accurately at any point of time. At the same time this is another proof in their confidence and commitment to long-term partnership with Strypes.

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