Smart Applications: Development, Modernization & Management

From a Minimal Viable Product to application management that's
reliable, cost-efficient and flexible.

Our services range from modernization and optimization of existing legacy solutions, ensuring business continuity, towards provisioning of high tech innovating products, matching all best practices in modern software development.

To stay competitive 74% of enterprise IT leaders consider updating or modernizing key legacy applications of critical or high importance for the continuity of their business. These legacy systems are built on programming languages that are outdated and hard to maintain which creates many challenges.

At Strypes we deliver an end-to-end approach, starting with a joint evaluation of your application. We review the UI/UX design, analyze the performance to see where we can optimize it and identify the functionality that has the highest value for your business. We set up a continuous monitoring system so we can continue optimizing your application and have the biggest impact for you and your business.

The Application Development & Modernization Process

We currently manage a total of over 50 applications. For most we’re even driving the application roadmap and are aligning the budgets with the business and other relevant stakeholders. The process of application development goes through:
  • Consultancy & Design : Analyzing your business needs and consulting you on the right solution, the software architecture and the project management process.
  • Application Development : Taking full responsibility for the development of your application. This could be a web-based solution, a full-scale enterprise application, a SaaS solution, a simple tool or service. With our teams of skilled engineers we can develop a wide range of applications for you. You can always contact us for a consultation.
  • QA Testing: Proof that we build the right thing in the right way, either via manual or automated testing.
  • Release to Production: Ensuring smooth deployment and integration in the production environment.
  • Application Management: According to the principles of DevOps (DevSecOps) we take care of the application maintenance, handling incidents and calls, and provide the back-end infra support. Our team also proactively looks for areas where the application can be improved or optimized.

When Application Modernization is Needed?​

  • When the UI becomes unresponsive
  • When the UI/UX is not intuitive or aligned with the expectations of the modern customer
  • When changes in the system are costly and require risky redeployment
  • In case of lack of engineers who know how to support the legacy technologies
  • In case of inability to scale or innovate due to code complexity, incompatibility, or lack of flexibility
  • When the application becomes unstable

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