Application management:
maintaining advantage, always

The real job of an outsourced software development partner – and the biggest chunk of value we bring to your business – happens after your software is released and in use: ongoing management. Because your business grows. Your needs change. And when they do, you can rely on us.

It’s not just about keeping the wheels turning. In digital transformation, application management is about making the connection between software maintenance and resource utilization. If you need high database capacity during the day but it falls to zero at night, there are ways to arrange your resources so you’re not paying for more than you need. And if a rarely-used data source suddenly becomes mission-critical, that needs the right level of security and access, too. It’s all part of ongoing management. Here are some parts of it.

Whether it’s in the cloud or on your desktop, every application needs managing: it’s about optimizing performance, allocating the right resources, making sure it has the capacity for the number of users it serves. Application management is a core part of the custom programming services we offer at Strypes.

Where your application “lives” is just as important as what it does. And in digital transformation that environment may change even more often than the software application itself, as your business evolves and your needs develop. We’re there to help you keep your infrastructure humming smoothly, at every stage.

In use, every application encounters strange situations and unexpected use cases that cause bottlenecks and go-slows, often not immediately obvious. But when you outsource application management and maintenance, they’ll be obvious to us – with both software and humans “watching” your infrastructure for areas where things need fixing or improving. It’s all part of the service.

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