Application development:
our core competency

While app stores and websites contain millions of software applications for sale, most software in the world isn’t off-the-shelf. In fact, the vast majority is custom and bespoke, developed for individual clients in thousands of business sectors worldwide. Why? Because your business is unique. And getting the most out of your software means your applications must be unique to your situation, too.
From small business software development to industrial software engineering, Strypes has expertise across a wide range of sectors – meaning we can mix specialist knowledge about your business with established principles and best practices in play in your sector. Here are some of the practices we follow.

At Strypes, we don’t just jump on every new technology as it emerges in the market; we take a critical approach. What does each technology – from programming languages to database environments to new security models – solve for our clients, and how does it fit into their existing IT infrastructure? And we add (and subtract) competencies all the time, so our 400-strong team in Bulgaria (and that’s just our software developers) isж always right-sized and right-shaped to address all your challenges.

But our developers aren’t just technically skilled: they’re sector-smart too. The global economy has countless business sectors, and each has its own best practices when it comes to rapid application development. We make sure everyone on your outsourced team knows the methods, models, and habits prevalent in the industry they’re working on – whether it’s agricultural automation or silicon lithography.

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