We call our unique work model Nearsurance. It brings the benefits of outsourcing software development services while ensuring seamless communication and quality by having local team presence at the client’s site. Nearsurance is based on the nearshoring outsourcing model and it focuses on finding a solution by delivering knowledge, organisational processes, and domain.

Our years of experience in the field has helped us understand and gain enough insight into outsourcing and the challenges that might come with both offshoring and nearshoring. Both models have their own benefits but also challenges that can arise from cultural differences or miscommunication, especially when it comes to delivering IT services. Offshoring, in particular, is associated with complexities like language and cultural differences, travel distances, and time zones that are inconvenient. To overcome these challenges, companies often use the nearshoring model, outsourcing their business processes to nearby countries that are in the same or close time zones and that have less cultural differences.

Nearsurance: Strypes’ Unique Outsourcing Model

Todor Marinov

The feedback we get from our clients about the Nearsurance model is that it builds a great work relationship with clear communication and quality assurance. We work with a fixed budget and our clients only pay for the work we deliver. Managing the budget and scaling up or scaling down the teams according to the workload is our responsibility. This allows our clients’ in-house teams to focus on their goals while we take full ownership of the outsourcing organisation, execution, and solving the issue.

Here is how Nearsurance can be applied to your needs

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