Our Services

The fast-paced high-tech industry requires innovative (embedded) software that contributes to the continuous development of high-quality technology and builds upon it. Strypes is a company that feels at home in this market of complex processes and intricate challenges within a variable multidisciplinary environment. Our engineers are equipped with the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to design, develop and implement solutions that will help you achieve your goals.


New initiatives

New initiatives can support a company to increase market share. We can assist you by developing your Minimal Viable Product in a number of iterations and adapt it based on your customers` feedback. We offer a short lead time and a flexible, scalable team to match the constantly changing needs of your business.



Modernization is typically used to enhance the lifecycle of a product. It ranges from UI improvement to a complete re-write.

We can assist you with the modernization of your product by turning it into a modern, future-proof application that has the desired user experience and preserves your investment in business logic.


Application Management

Even after the release and utilization of an application there is still work that needs to be done in order to maintain and further increase its value. Certain issues need to be resolved and a roadmap needs to be maintained.

We offer carefree, cost efficient and flexible management of your tools and applications. At Strypes we currently manage a total of over 50 applications. We can take full responsibility of the roadmap and budget.

The needs of OEMs and Independent Software Vendors change during the Products Lifecycle.


In the introduction phase, a new module, a new product or a new platform is developed. If you choose to develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), Strypes offers care-free realization within scope, budget and quality. To improve your Time To Market, Strypes offers a short lead time and a flexible and scalable team to match your fluctuating needs.


In the growth stage, the product has been accepted by customers, and companies are striving to increase market share. The company needs to increase the sales effort while adding additional functionality to increase the products functionality. Strypes can help by scaling up the development team.



At the mature stage, sales will level off. Competition increases, so product features may need to be enhanced to maintain market share. While unit sales are at their highest at this stage, prices tend to decline to stay competitive. Strypes can help by taking ownership of the product at lower costs and allowing the company to free up their own resources to develop new products.


The decline stage of the product life cycle is associated with decreasing revenue due to market saturation, high competition, and changing customer needs. Companies at this stage have several options: They can enhance the product or choose to milk it. Strypes can enhance the lifecycle of the product by modernizing, porting or by adding new features.