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Technological innovations are happening fast and enterprise companies don't always have the sufficient knowlege, resources, or expertise to achieve their goals. Strypes takes full ownership of every project we work on and our focus is on finding the solution while we manage all aspects of the work that is required.



The first step when it comes to delivering a solution is to understand the problem, create a case study, plan and define the roadmap, estimate the budget, and set all necessary work processes. Our expertise comes from working on more than 450+ projects and having written more than 20 million modernised lines of code, over a period of 10+ years. We invest our time and energy in developing long-term relationships with our clients. Combined with the experience that we have, this positions us as a trusted thought partner.


Digital Transformation

Strypes' digital transformation services ensure that companies stay relevant and can keep up with the ever-changing technologies. The "as-a-Service" model is changing how companies do business as it allows them to stay open for the next technological innovation. Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) gives access to a talent pool of on-demand teams that can take care of the full cycle of a product. Digital strategy and software modernisation are other services that our clients seek from us when they lack the knowledge, the domain, and the in-house teams who can do that.


Applications Development & Management

We offer applications development, application management & application modernisation. These services range from the development of a Minimal Viable Product to application management that's reliable, cost-efficient, and flexible. We can also provide monitoring and insights about the health of your application. Our clients leave the diagnostic tools to us while they focus on their core business. And if there is an issue to be fixed, we always respond on time, making sure that the application keeps running. We currently manage a total of over 50 applications and we can take full responsibility of your application's roadmap and budget.


IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure management is a a continuous service and a flow of work. This is why we take full ownership of the client’s server, ensuring that it’s up to date and that the network runs smoothly. Once we provide the IT infrastructure, we work closely with our clients and go as far as talking to their suppliers. Our field of expertise includes network development, cybersecurity, and using DevOps practices to implement the required processes and functions.

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