SDaaS: Software
Development as a Service

Isn’t software development always a service? Not as often as you’d think. Technology with a set scope and feature set, handed over by the developer on a specific date without backup or support – that’s a product, not a service. So what is a service? It’s an ongoing process. Not a single project, but a set of tasks you can outsource to a team in Europe with confidence, safe in the knowledge both sides know what’s expected. And that’s why at Strypes we develop software as a service, as responsible for an output’s future development as for its first iteration. It’s the right approach for digital transformation. Because it maximizes your time, and minimizes your hassle. It keeps your developers on the same page, with less room for misunderstandings and mistakes. And it’s a partnership with staying power – because that team will learn over time, understand your business more deeply, and be better able to assist in your ongoing transformation. Here’s why SDaaS works.

Many business problems loom larger than the resources you have available. And even if you have inhouse skills, can those people really handle yet another project on top of their everyday workload? A project isn’t BAU (Business As Usual); it’s a transformative process that leads to change. When the work of that project would disrupt your inhouse team, or the scope of the project doesn’t fit in your schedule, it’s ripe for SDaaS with a partner like Strypes.

Digital transformation has far-reaching effects on your business. And when you want your people focused on the next quarter, that’s a problem. Fortunately, it’s one SDaaS can solve. Having an external team for your software engineering services means you get a broader perspective with insights and learnings from across the business world, which can lead to superior outcomes as your business adapts to new market realities.

The most basic reason companies outsource: they haven’t got the right set of skills inhouse. Creating software isn’t a core competency for most organizations – and why should it be? It’s a basic rule of business: do what you’re good at, outsource what you’re not. With Strypes, you have custom programming services that span the entire tech stack at your disposal.

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