Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Applications

Enhance productivity and optimize resource efficiency thanks to our IoT-based smart solutions

You can reduce the number of service engineers on site at the customer by using our Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Service. Using IoT Application Development we can remotely monitor, diagnose and update your equipment allowing your service engineers to assist your customers from a remote location, such as your office or from home.

Operate and maintain systems remotely

Our service helps machine manufacturers operate and maintain their systems remotely. Together with you, we create solutions that optimise the work of engineers—reducing unnecessary travel and making sure the data is gathered and analysed without delays. Our scalable architecture helps us create flexible solutions for unforeseen circumstances. Strypes’ prediction model can analyse the data from the hardware and create customisable reports. With all of the above, we help you to find the freedom to plan, schedule and run the logistics within a specific timeframe.


Our teams consist of experts in building remote monitoring and diagnostics software applications. The technologies that the Strypes engineers typically use are Azure, .NET, JavaScript with React or Vue.

Our services

We address the specific requirements of our clients by:

  • Remote Monitoring: Monitoring different parameters and detecting if something is broken. Collecting data needed for the remote diagnostics process.
  • Remote Diagnostics: Optimizations, faster or preventive support and key insights in equipment’s performance become possible thanks to out smart applications.
  • Remote Update: Performing reconfigurations without being present on site.

Impact for Your Business

  • Maximize Machine Uptime : Remote monitoring and preventive diagnostics will minimize downtime as it minimizes unexpected maintenance or major breakdown of your machines.
  • Monitor Machine Health Remotely: Get constant live data remotely about the condition of your machines thanks to our remote monitoring solutions.
  • Save costs and time: You can save both costs and time by significantly reducing the number of times you need to send your team to fix a problem on site.
  • Create focus and reduce diagnostic downtime: Thanks to our approach you can get timely and precise information about the condition of your machinery to help you troubleshoot your problems as quickly as possible.
  • Collect usage and behavior statistics and suggest further product development: The data collected can help steer your product development roadmaps and help you prioritize development effort based on business value for your customers.

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