Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance Applications

Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance Applications

We are excited to introduce our Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance Applications service that helps high-tech machine manufacturers operate and maintain their systems remotely. Together with our clients, we create solutions that optimize the work of engineers––reducing unnecessary travel and making sure the data is gathered and analyzed without delays. This way, they can perform health monitoring and failure prediction for hundreds of hardware operating 24/7 around the world.


Having a complex system for diagnostics and monitoring allows our clients to maintain their systems remotely, thanks to the platform and the framework we create.

The scalable architecture that we have is based on three key components that help us create flexible solutions for unforeseen circumstances:

  • Micro-services
  • Data fetching
  • Visualization models

Strypes’ prediction model can analyze the data from the hardware and create customizable reports. With all of the above, we help our clients find the freedom to plan, schedule and run the logistics within a specific timeframe.

Remote diagnostics in action

In this video bellow, you can see how Strypes’ Predictive Maintenance & Remote Diagnostics Software Services explained.

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