Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Applications

Manage Smart IT systems remotely

Save more time and money, travel less

Whether you’re running server farms or milking machines, monitoring your smart systems remotely not only saves you time and money, it’s becoming essential as the world evolves toward the new normal.

We’ll help you catch things when they break (or even before) from wherever you are, with AI that can precisely pinpoint the source of the problem and send you timely alerts. Even when things are working well, you’ll always have intel about

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The benefits of remote diagnostics

  • Enjoy the convenience of staying connected to the IoT wherever you are, at the main office or at home.

  • Solve problems more quickly and cost effectively, 24/7.

  • You’ll need fewer service engineers on site, saving travel time and money (and protecting the environment).

  • Customize your remote monitoring system; set your own parameters to monitor and detect when things break.

  • The flexible systems can handle unpredictable events.
  • Plan tests and maintenance in advance, on your own timeline.
  • Effortlessly collect data about behavior statistics and insights into equipment performance to help you improve operational efficiency and your IT maintenance strategy going forward.

  • Predictive maintenance and preventative support help you avoid issues before things go wrong.

  • Let your service engineers do what they are best at – solving issues.

  • The ability to quickly pinpoint the source of the problem helps you reduce diagnostic downtime and solve issues more quickly.

  • The easy-to-create customizable reports will save you paperwork hassle while helping you give your board and other stakeholders a deeper insight into your systems.
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How it works

1. System monitoring – The system will catch things when they break, finding the machine at the source of the problem, and track usage and behavior the rest of the time.

2. Remote diagnostics – Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system will help you find solutions to problems that arise, often before they happen.

3. Remote updates – And then help you fix them, reconfiguring and troubleshooting remotely. Or we’ll just help you schedule your routine maintenance remotely, to reduce downtime and maximise customer convenience.

Meanwhile, you’ll constantly be collecting usage and behavior statistics that will help you understand the most effective ways to use your machines and make better, money-saving decisions going forward. This is your fuel for more efficient and effective product planning.

Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Our team's talents

Our team is made of experts in building bespoke remote monitoring and diagnostics software applications. We typically work with Azure, .NET, JavaScript with React or Vue.

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