Strypes’ unique outsourcing model - Nearsurance

Say goodbye to traditional remote services.
Say hello to Nearsurance

After years in tech service delivery and over 450 successful projects, Strypes has developed a new project success matrix, called Nearsurance. It combines the benefits of nearshoring with quality assurance and it applies to all of Strypes’ services.

What is Nearsurance?

Local Expert

Coaching & Management

Remote Agile Team

Delivery of work packages

Nearsurance is having Strypes’ local presence at your office and an European agile remote team. We set up a front office working side by side with your team to understand your company culture and offer high quality outsourcing.

The value of the local presence is the real contact we establish with the customer by being attentive and available in person. It gives you a sense of being in control of your project, without the pressure. We can help you scale up or down your Strypes team according to your needs with our Nearsurance model.

What are the benefits?

A Strypes' team member will be present at your location to establish the project requirements. This professional typically has years of experience and is there to build the connection and understand your objectives in in depth.

Fixed Price on our local presence

Extension of your workforce

Pay only for delivered work

Faster route to market

Scaling up or down the remote teams

Smooth project management by experts

Mastering the outsourcing process

Strypes takes full ownership, you focus on your core business

Experts to solve your software challenges

Easy communications within different cultures

Reachable outsourcing team

Budget & time efficiency

We speak your language and understand your culture.