Modularity Services

Carefree modularity improvement, integration and development with direct business value

Knowledge and expertise in modularity (also known as assembly) improvement, integration and development help us deliver high-quality modularities that will bring you direct business impact and value. We take proactive care to reduce costs for your system processes, bring efficiency and improve scalability to help you deal with time-consuming tasks.

Choosing the Strypes Modularity Services will help you gain direct business impact and value.

Modularity Improvement

Fast software development depends on flexibility, high quality of work and existing competence. By making your software modular with help of Strypes you gain improved time to market while receiving software with lower complexity, lower costs and better-quality code that is easy to scale.

  • Improved Software Modularity
  • Stable Architecture of the Code
  • Less Code == Less Testing
  • Less Code + Less Testing == Shorter Delivery Cycle
  • Reduced Load on IT Infrastructure
  • Lower Cost for Future Changes

We designed our Modularity Improvement to create a clear overview of your system with well understood dependencies between the modules. This improves ownership of both code & functionality and reduces cross-project dependencies within your development process. Enabling you to outsource even easier in the future!

Modularity Integration

Thanks to our Strypes Academy and a large track record of software integration for our partners, we can offer Modularity Integration bringing proven value for your business. Our expertise helps us to enable opportunities for optimizing the integration process and to make it smooth for complex, multi modularity integrations.

  • Automation of Repetitive Tasks
  • Lower Cost per Integration Over Time
  • Specialized Team of Integrators at Strypes
  • Project and Outsourcing Managers Assigned
  • Reduced Overhead and Time to Market
  • Testing Against all Possible
  • Configurations

Strypes Modularity Integration will help you predict and lower costs per integration over time. While your team remains available to work on other business critical projects, our nearsurance team will ensure collaboration and communication with all relevant stakeholders within the modularity integration process.

Modularity Development

With Modularity Development we know how to improve value for your business. Strypes experienced competence teams will create the roadmap for your modularities, focusing on efficiency and adapting to your specific environment, needs and (technology) trends relevant to your business.

  • Access to Specific Domain
  • Knowledge and Expertise
  • Vast Experience in System-Wide Integrations
  • Decreasing Cost of Development Over Time
  • Access to Proprietary Information and Technology
  • Stable Integrated Software Architecture Design
  • Dedicated Outsource Manager
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