Step into Strypes Lab 2024: Ready to Dive In?

Inspiring Future Talents at Local Schools in Burgas

After being present in the city for more than half a year we are establishing new partnerships and strengthening our collaboration with local schools and universities.

Bringing back to local communities is what has helped us build a strong recognition, attract the best IT talents, and grow on the software market in Bulgaria during the years. So far, Strypes has turned into one of the most prominent brands in the tech field in the country and one of the preferred employers for experienced professionals, but also for young specialists building their career in the software development field.

After setting up our offices in Sofia and Plovdiv, in the beginning of 2021 we also added Burgas as our newest location and home.

Meeting the rising stars in the IT field

We are happy to meet with some of the brightest talents inspired to develop themselves in the software field. On the 28th and 29th of October our colleague Ivo Ivanov had the chance to talk to students from Vocational School for computer programming and innovation and Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics “Konstantin Fotinov” and present topics related to IT and online banking security and cryptocurrency.


“It is really exciting to see all these young, talented, and inspired students chasing a career in the tech field. For me it is always a pleasure to get in touch and feel the enthusiasm and passion of younger generations when speaking about the technologies that will be part of their future jobs. Working at an organization supporting the development of young talents in the industries of the future makes me feel proud and brings a lot of satisfaction from my role.”. shared Ivo after meeting with the students in the IT field.
Our collaboration with these two educational institutions is just a small step in our journey together with local authorities, schools and universities and emerging IT communities and clusters to explore the potential of Burgas in the IT field.

Interested in joining Strypes from Burgas?

Our support for students at schools and universities turns into a career opportunity for them after they graduate. In the beginning of 2021 we made a step towards growing in Bulgaria with the opening of the hottest and the sunniest office of Strypes in the country. Our location in Burgas is now welcoming software developers, engineers and analysts looking for a career with meaningful impact for global businesses and our partners. Check out our open positions and benefits for our team members here.
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