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We call our work model Nearsurance. This model is based on the nearshoring model and combines it with a quality assurance through our Account Delivery and Solution Delivery teams. With our Account Delivery team you have an Outsource Manager at your site who can support you throughout the outsourcing process while ensuring a seamless communication with our Solution Delivery team, with focus on delivering you the best possible solution.

Outsource your software development, maintenance and support to Strypes!

With our unique Nearsurance outsourcing model we let you focus on your core business while we take care of all challenges that arise with nearshoring the work.

The value of the Outsource Manager is the deep connection he establishes with your teams by being attentive and available in person.. This puts you in control of your project, without having to deal with the pressure that normally comes with it. We provide you all the flexibility you need. We can scale our teams to your needs, ensuring a good fit regarding expertise, skills and capacity.

Setting up the partnership and problem definition

We are not just your supplier. We are your trusted partner who understands your business and takes an active part in your growth. When setting up a new partnership according to our Nearsurance model we begin by adjusting to your business and getting to know your company culture. You can rely on our local Outsource Manager to connect with you and immediately address your needs on-site. Cultural differences, lack of outsourcing experience or any other challenges that might arise during the outsourcing process are addressed on the spot. While establishing the outsourcing organization the Outsource manager will start with identifying the packages that can be outsourced and elicit the project requirements.

Taking ownership of all aspects of Nearshoring and its execution

Full responsibility and lower total cost of operation is what we aim at! Our Solution Delivery Team has some of the best project managers onboard who will take care of realizing your project within time, budget and with the agreed scope and quality. The best part? You only pay for the work delivered and approved.

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