Account delivery team as the key to efficient outsourcing

Account delivery team as the key to efficient outsourcing

Strypes’ Front Office is the key differentiator that helps us offer high-quality outsourcing. The value of the local presence is in mastering the outsourcing process, thanks to the real contact we establish with the customer by being attentive and available in person. We want our clients to share their software problems with us and trust our expertise on how to do the work. That is why the Front Office proximity is key to our success. Our Front Office includes a team of experienced professionals who have software development & project management background and who know how to interact with our clients on various levels. The goal is to be transparent and be a bridge between the client and the Strypes’ remote teams. Check out our Nearsurance outsourcing model page to learn more about its benefits and value.    

So what is the challenge with outsourcing?

When outsourcing, you pass work that is critical for your business to a foreign company you don’t know and that creates uncertainty. To establish trust for a good cooperation and build a sustainable relationship, it is essential to have a good understanding of the clients’ business, the stakeholders that are involved, the work processes, the coding standards, and the project constraints and dependencies.

The Strypes’ Account Delivery team establishes this long-term relationship that starts from before a lead becomes a customer and ends with a debrief after the project has finished.

“What I love most about my job is the variety, the interaction with the customer and the teams, working with different cultures, creating meaningful connections, and making complex things work. I enjoy working in a professional organization with so many skilled colleagues who are able to get things done as a team.” says Toine van Duiven, Outsource Manager in our company since 2013.

The are four stages of our outsourcing model

  • Discovery/Initiation – consulting the client to figure out if our outsourcing solution is the right fit
  • Project preparation/ Setup – assessing the work that needs to be done
  • Execution – building and delivering the solution
  • Closure – doing a debrief and getting feedback from the client
  • What makes our outsourcing approach successful?

    We work in a dynamic environment and industry. With established relationships between Strypes and our clients, even when things are always moving and changing, we are fast and adapt to them. Thanks to the level of trust and certainty we create, we take full ownership and ask our clients to let us figure out how to solve their outsourcing problem while they focus on their business. Our participation in every stage of the project helps us achieve quality output and high efficiency.

    The best way to show what we can do for your company is to offer a free consultation that creates a tailored action plan, helping you get a clear idea on how you can apply our Nearsurance work model in your specific case.


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