Digital Transformation:
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Nearshore software development services with Strypes keeps you ahead

Nothing stays the same. And that’s not a bad thing. Whether you’re milking cows or manufacturing electronics, the economy always contains opportunities. Better ways of doing things. Smarter ways of working. Fresh sources of profit. Helping you take advantage is the job of Strypes’ digital transformation services. Software engineering and rapid application development that let you use change as a tool for greater success.

Transforming your business means transforming your data. Combining Agile software design and development with a deep understanding of your business operations, our team at Strypes is your partner at every step – both in your office and outsourced to ours.

Defining Digital transformation

The key to success: don’t let digital transformation be forced upon you. Instead, use it as a strategic tool. This means treating change as an active part of your business planning, a source of fresh ideas and new approaches that help you compete whatever your sector.

Why does this matter? Because the landscape you do business in is constantly shifting. Of Fortune’s biggest 500 companies, barely 50 were on the list fifty years ago. Thousands of job descriptions have disappeared; thousands of new roles have taken their place. Billions of Euros in value have been created – and (sometimes) destroyed. But amid this creative destruction, one thing never changes: the need to adapt.

Transforming your business is an ongoing balance of identifying needs, understanding new challenges, allocating resources effectively, and keeping track of how much it costs. But there are opportunities everywhere. Imagine reconfiguring a key process … that reduces the cycle time from 60 days to 45. Or expanding the scope of a database application … so two people are freed for other tasks. Or moving a mission-critical data model into the cloud … so it costs a third less. That’s what the right mindset can do for your business. Let’s get creative on digital transformation.

There are business people. There are technical people. And there are business people who know how technology works, how to source and sense-check software specifications so they do what they need to do. That’s one half of our Nearsurance model: a team of trained business analysts right there in your office, tasked with understanding your people’s needs in depth and designing solutions that fit.

That’s the other side of the challenge: technical execution. Our nearshore software development services in Europe put a team of 400+ at your service, combining decades of experience in a full stack of technologies from the latest programming languages to the most complex database environments. Once the business need is decided and the software solution is clear, we create, build, test … and repeat.

Business operations expertise is great. Software creation skills, the same. But there’s one more ingredient needed: vision. A “Big Picture” attitude of looking ahead, seeing not just what affects your business today but what’s coming over the horizon tomorrow. This lets us find answers to challenges you haven’t defined yet. So your software design and development is always fit for the future.

But business challenges are never-ending. So we make sure our services are as future-proof as our ideas. At Strypes, your codebase and applications are the responsibility of a named team, but the software itself is independent of any individual, thanks to a strict process of code testing, review, documentation and annotation … all the small actions that add up to big results. That’s why so many major global names rely on us.

A three-part approach to digital transformation

So what does it involve? Like so many journeys, your digital transformation has three stages. Let’s call them the cultural stage, technology stage, and the expansion stage.

Because whatever you want to do, and however your competitive landscape is changing, the best outcomes will only arise when the solutions we develop and the opportunities we identify are created in sync with your people’s hopes and dreams. Doing digital transformation right means listening, conversing, coming up with ideas that work and discarding those that don’t. Here’s how all three stages work.

Nearshore software development services and outsourced application development never succeed without putting people at the core: involved, informed, and in the loop. That’s why we work with your team as much as your tech. Everyone needs to feel part of the solution being proposed, to feel they had a voice in its development and a stake in its completion. (A huge percentage of digital transformation projects miss this.) At Strypes, we make sure your people are on the same journey.

Countless applications today were right for their time – but wrong today. They’re not “bad”, they just use outdated or obsolete technology that’s quietly costing you money and resources to maintain. They’re not right for your future. And that’s why this part of digital transformation is critical. It means a modern tech stack, with light yet strong cloud-based technologies that keep your data safe and accessible. Custom software applications shaped to your business, coded in today’s languages with today’s best practices. And an understanding of where those technologies are going: what’s hot, what’s not, and what works over your whole business cycle, giving years of payback.

The third part of the journey? Ensuring your technology does more than its *job*. The best custom software answers business needs you haven’t thought of yet, looking ahead to tomorrow’s challenges and seeing situations that offer future advantages for saving costs, increasing productivity, and adding to profits. That’s the transformation journey.

Our sectors and verticals: digital transformation across the economy

Do we do digital transformation for everybody? Not quite – but the range is wide. We work in the manufacturing sector, engineering experts who design heavy machinery and put it to use. The electronics sector, with companies making the equipment that makes chips. Even sectors like agriculture, the part of the economy that provides our food and stocks our supermarkets. (Which is a lot more high-tech than most people think.)

After all, when it comes to digital transformation all businesses share similar goals. To stay ahead of the curve, remain competitive in a crowded market, grow in size even while staying nimble enough to change fast. Business is diverse, but these desires are universal. Here are some of the industries we work with.

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