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Your IT infrastructure – all your applications, APIs, workflows, and the business processes they support – isn’t a one-off project, but an ongoing collaboration. And one of the things a nearsurance model does best is infrastructure management. After all, the real world doesn’t stand still. Every market shift, every strategic change, brings a new challenge – or a fresh opportunity. Strypes’ approach understands that, delivering what works from a deep stack of technologies and skills, and optimizing for gain as your people make it part of their working lives. Strypes makes the most of your IT investment, by treating it as the seamlessly connected, securely integrated, and intelligently managed business platform it deserves to be.
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IT Infrastructure management with Strypes:

the benefits

  • IT infrastructure needs to serve the business processes that keep you competitive, from back-office applications to front-end user experience. Strypes bridges the gap between technology expertise and business know-how, making sure every app and data source answers a real business need.

  • Different Business Units have different needs – and it takes a range of technologies to get the job done. Strypes is a full-stack developer with deep experience of building and maintaining complex, interconnected environments, making your outsourced IT infrastructure function as a smoothly integrated whole.

  • Intelligent infrastructure management spans the whole lifecycle. Each project is part of an ongoing relationship, not deploy-and-forget. Strypes delivers expertise over the lifetime of each deliverable, and doesn’t stop when the release rolls out.

  • Every business is unique, but business problems are the same across sectors, time and time again. With Strypes you’ll be working with experienced people who’ve done it before – not just understanding your business pain, but knowing how to solve it.

  • A seamless partnership with DevOps. Individually, software development and business operations are great skillsets. Combine these skills in an Agile framework, and they become awesome. Strypes’ model ensures problem-solvers on the ground and coders in a different country work as a single team.

  • The most effective outsourced IT operates as an integrated whole, not a bunch of silo’d apps and data. Infrastructure management with Strypes takes a Big Picture view, seeing how data sources interlock and interact, so every process can be optimized.

  • The ability to assess technology with a critical eye. With an explosion of app and platform options, it’s not enough to select what works; you need what works best. Strypes is able to compare and contrast different technologies, and explain each choice intelligently.

  • End-to-end ownership of each project, treating every deliverable as if it were our own business –because in a way it is. Our business operations team is at your site; our software developers work with them every day. Taking responsibility for everything that happens, first alpha to functioning infrastructure.

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How it works

1. Build understanding of the environment – We start by learning about your existing infrastructure, your processes and workflows, and what the business pain is you want to solve. The best place to start is where you are.

2. Support and maintain existing systems as new applications and data sources are added. And if there’s a migration to be done, it’ll include a precise pathway and plan for getting from here to there.

3. Develop software, based on knowledge –The right technology choices, the most experienced developers, and a team that’s both inhouse and outsourced. But most importantly our developers base their approach on your business situation, precise and personal. We don’t do “generic”.

IT Infrastructure

4. Ensure painless migration from legacy infrastructure to modern outsourced IT and the cloud, keeping your business moving even as your IT moves – according to an agreed plan and schedule.

5. Secure applications and business data from the bottom up, using the latest technology and approaches to strengthen your security stance from core to perimeter.

6. Provide ITIL-based support across your application stack, with a friendly face and helping hand available to your people every day – from a team that truly understands your business.

7. Conduct ongoing optimization of your IT infrastructure, looking for advantages in every process. Because the more complex and interconnected your infrastructure, the more opportunities there are to improve it.

And all while making the most of your company culture! “How you do things” is a set of behaviors learned over time. We treat those unique patterns as a business advantage, ensuring knowledge is retained and people’s skills are made use of as your infrastructure changes. It’s why our clients stay with us year … after year … after year.

Our team's talents

Strypes engagements follow the DevOps model.

A relationship between software development and business operations so close they work as one team, with the same motivations and goals. And with a deep and broad set of skills to draw on, with Azure, .NET, and JavaScript with React or Vue just a few of them.

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