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Technology drives today’s economy – which means business success depends on the performance of your IT. But as SaaS, cloud, and APIs increase the opportunities of automation, the pace of change is making it more complex. The solution? DevOps.

DevOps with Strypes combines a delivery team in your office with a development team in ours. They work together, understanding every process and workflow to create software that’s a perfect match. Business operations and software development: each team where it needs to be.

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Defining DevOps

  • What makes software work? It takes more than coding talent. It stems from a deep understanding of how people, processes, business functionality, and technology fit together for maximum effectiveness. DevOps is an Agile-inspired approach that lets us do it, turning Strypes’ experience and expertise into the ideal solutions for you.
  • How does it work? By merging the interests of inhouse business operations and outsourced software developers into a seamless team. Deliberately, with shared milestones and objectives across every process in the organization and every product in the tech stack.
  • It means no misunderstandings, because there’s no silo thinking. No unexpected outcomes, because objectives are unified. It means stronger relationships and more productive projects. And the only surprises you’ll get are pleasant ones. That’s DevOps with Strypes. Here’s how it works.
DevOps is technology-agnostic; work starts by breaking the end goal into self-contained component parts that fit together as seamlessly and purposefully as toy bricks. Agile is a set of principles, not a reductive framework or fixed model. Which makes it adaptable to your existing processes – however complex they are.
What matters is how the software performs for the business, and that means a focus on actual people. Once their requirements are clear – then see how technology can help. That’s why Strypes puts a professional team in-house with your own people, sharing ideas and insights face-to-face every day.
DevOps’ belief in “faster, smoother, better” isn’t buzzword bingo; it’s the core of the process, looking at every possible task and workflow for areas that can be outsourced to machines. The more repetitive and repeatable processes you can trust to software, the more creative and productive your humans can be.
If success metrics for tech teams differ from KPIs for business types, divergence is on the way – and that’s a problem. Accordingly, a DevOps approach merges these factors so everyone starts work with the same picture of a successful outcome. Goals are the same, and their picture of your success is aligned across business operations and software development teams.
And never stop looking for better ones. Agile principles are flexible; that’s why it’s so effective as a complete end-to-end development approach across countless business functions and infrastructure needs.
A solution is only successful if people use it. So if training, migration, and changed practices are needed, they’ll be part of the project too. Strypes builds up organizational knowledge that outlasts any one individual, ensuring your success is ongoing.
Few applications roll out in isolation. Once in play, it’s part of your broader IT infrastructure, working with a constellation of interconnected data sources and software services within your organization. DevOps with Strypes makes sure each project performs as it should, in context with other technology over time.

Our approach to DevOps

Our operations people aren’t offsite, but right there in your office, a local team you can see and hear. (And have coffee with.) This is critical. Being in house, they don’t just note down your requirements – they experience them. Deep-diving data, picking apart processes, getting up close and personal with the problem. Which means more accurate analysis. More detailed understanding. And answers that deliver better outcomes. By design.
If account delivery is on-the-ground, our European back office is the bird’s-eye view. An outsourced team of developers – in close contact with the local team. People who turn your requirements into software solutions, matching every problem to the right technology choice and custom codebase, ready to go to work within your IT infrastructure.

A local team in your office. An outsourced team in ours. Taking end-to-end ownership of each project with honest and open communication at all times. Leading to shorter delivery timescales, smoother project execution, and applications that work on Day One. It’s why Strypes is the choice of those driving the real economy: high-tech engineering, large-scale industrial production, enterprise software. An approach that’s worked for 450 projects and counting.

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The DevOps tech stack

  • With DevOps, the factors of success are built into the process: expertise with today’s technologies … and a critical eye on tomorrow’s. It’s key to our approach of taking active ownership. Treating each project as if it were our own – because it is. And every successful delivery deepens our experience and sharpens our skills. Which gives us a stake in your outcome. It’s a recipe for ongoing positive outcomes that just get better with time. A tech stack that goes all the way up.

Advantages of DevOps with Strypes

Agile philosophy lets people interact effectively as one team, without losing the qualities that make them different. That’s why Strypes groups its developers offsite, but puts business people by your side inhouse.
SaaS applications to APIs on a choice of clouds, AWS to Azure; all connected by open standards and formats. Leading to software that both works standalone and plays well with others.
A local team in your office. An outsourced team in ours. Taking end-to-end ownership of each project with honest and open communication at all times. Leading to shorter delivery timescales, smoother project execution[2] , and applications that work on Day One. It’s why Strypes is the choice of those driving the real economy: high-tech engineering, large-scale industrial production, enterprise software. An approach that’s worked for 450 projects and counting.
Automating what’s automatable saves human skills for tasks that need a human eye. With Strypes DevOps, repeatable busywork is dealt with by machine, freeing people to do what people do best.
Test First approaches like Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development define the use case of a feature in plain and specific language, leaving no doubt about what success looks like – and allowing many test standards to be automated.
With a wealth of past successes, Agile approaches are industry standard – proven, effective, and endlessly adaptable, combining the best of project management, development methodologies, and functional execution.
With a focus on short iteration cycles and optimized time-to-market, DevOps never keeps you in the dark with far-off release dates or timescales stretching to infinity; you’ll see meaningful results and fresh outcomes as they arise, with the opportunity to share thoughts whenever you want.

Where we do DevOps

Based in Eindhoven, our operational base is connected to the world: within hours of hundreds of cities and serving our customers across Europe and beyond. It’s at the heart of global business—understanding the challenges our clients face as business becomes ever more dependent on technology that *just works*.
The beautiful cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, and Varna are home to our 500+ developers, providing services that complete and extend our DevOps offering with specialized, in-depth, up-to-date skills and knowledge. They’re experienced in delivering end-to-end solutions from a broad and deep tech stack. Whatever problem you’re facing, it’s likely they’ve solved it before.

Problems and solutions

  • The world contains countless challenges for software development; every one is different. But there are some common themes. Maybe your internal resources are stretched to assess what’s required. Or your team’s skills aren’t a match for the project you need done. Or your existing infrastructure is too complicated to plan the ideal migration path. Whatever it is, we can work with it. That’s what we do.
If your existing applications were developed over a long time by many different people, it’s likely the codebase has problems. Versions can fork and splinter; bottlenecks can create go-slows on your network; even the fundamentals like naming conventions slow down the pace of innovation. That’s one reason to do DevOps with Strypes: we pay attention to those small but vital details, from the ground up.
Moving from one system to another without a clear route is another common issue Strypes can solve. After all, migration and integration of a new application isn’t a one-off event; it’s a process. Our professionals work with you to make big changes happen with minimal interruption to your people’s lives.

As the true scope of a project expands, it’s easy for software development to slow to a crawl. DevOps with Strypes solves this by sizing each challenge honestly and accurately, making sure all resources needed for a successful outcome are there at the start and in for the long haul.

Effective collaboration is effective communication. They’re one and the same. And it’s no different with a DevOps model; it’s the main reason we put people side-by-side with you in your office. It ensures each requirement is understood, each project answers its goals, and everyone knows what success looks like.
Another common pain point: expertise is locked up in people’s heads, and when they change jobs or roles that knowledge is lost. Strypes combats this by documenting methods and models as a required process, making sure new people can hit the ground running and removing the risks of all your business knowledge going down in the elevator each evening.

Our sectors and verticals

Machinery and plant may be mechanical assets, but in today’s enterprise they’re as connected and data-driven as any application—which means cybersecurity threats are a far bigger challenge than in the past. Strypes has long experience of protecting heavy industry from bad actors: we recognize your industrial machinery is a mission-critical part of your business, and have spent decades learning how to protect it.

Like any other business, the world of crops, plants, and farming uses technology to increase yields, quality, and competitive advantage. But few IT partners truly understand the sector, meaning cybersecurity is an afterthought. Not us. We understand not just the technology, but the processes it enables, and the intellectual property that goes into them.
The highest technological achievements of all—like manufacturing the machines that create integrated circuits, and other intricate wonders—also have some of the highest cybersecurity requirements. Because it’s a business driven by intellectual property, where a single security issue can mean billions in lost opportunities to stay ahead of a fast-moving market. Strypes understands. And knows how to solve those issues.
Fixed assets need cybersecurity. But so do assets that move around. Fleet managers operating thousands of vehicles; transport companies handling countless consignments each day; global logistics groups where effective use of technology is the difference between thriving and fading. All these actors need cybersecurity. And Strypes does it for them, however many moving parts they have.
New sectors like self-driving cars, mobile working, connected vehicles and the Internet of Things are creating fresh challenges for cybersecurity. Fortunately, these sectors are converging, as mobile communications connect vehicles, homes, buildings, and energy grids produce masses of Big Data and customer lifestyles change to take advantage of it. Strypes is at the forefront of cybersecurity for this driving, floating, flying world—and can help you prosper in it.
Agribusiness technologist Lely had a vast and complex set of applications and data to keep under control. Thanks to a team from Strypes bringing together a diverse set of professionals, the company handles thousands of objects in GitHub and Microsoft’s Azure cloud with skill and style.
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The Dutch giant is the world leader in photolithography machines used to make chips – but with competitors from Japan and the USA it can’t rest easy. Strypes works with the company in a variety of ways, helping maintain consistency and performance for different teams of people across the business.
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