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We at Strypes bring the work of development teams and IT/operational teams together to deliver incomparable results in terms of product quality, time to market, costs and benefits. Automating your IT infrastructure and workflows together with strengthening internal collaboration is a guarantee for better positioning your business towards market and competition.

IT Infrastructure management is a continuous service and a long-term collaboration between Strypes and your company. We recognize that you need to focus on your business and expect that we provide efficient support and maintenance, while reducing costs at the same time. What you will find out is that our offer goes beyond these basics and that our continuous service and long-term collaboration delivers more value than expected.

We believe that our approach makes a meaningful impact for your business:

The Value You Get

A high performing, highly stable, network. Efficiently maintained and supported by a team of experts. Our IT Infrastructure Management includes:

  • Providing efficient, ITIL based support of your IT Infrastructure
  • Optimizing your IT Infrastructure
  • Support and maintenance of your legacy systems, including knowledge retention
  • Migrating from legacy to modern-day equipment or the cloud
  • Securing applications and business data
  • Support your digital transformation
  • Local presence and blended teams
  • Reduction of manual effort
  • Faster time to market
  • Local presence and taking full ownership by Strypes

Empowering you to focus on your business as we manage your IT Infrastructure.

Empowering you to focus on your business as we manage your IT Infrastructure.

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