Team Flexibility is a Must for Business Growth. Success Story by Viasat Connect Belgium

The Challenge – Grow the Business and Remain Competitive

For years now, Viasat Connect Belgium has been a leader in Fleet, Workforce and Asset management, delivering solutions to track the activity of the teams, the movement and status of vehicles or mobile valuables (assets).

A year ago the company was challenged by the increasing demand for their solutions by customers. The team experienced a heavy workload at the moment of onboarding new team members from another Group entity and implementing internal organizational changes. A major challenge at this point was to keep delivering solutions with focus on growing the business and providing new features to the market.


The Solution – Dedicated Flexible Team by Strypes

In search for an instant and effective solution, Viasat Connect Belgium turned to Kodar, part of Strypes Group, as a trusted and reliable IT partner. What our company proposed was a flexible team that could be scaled up and down according to the current needs with the right skillset and experience for the tasks of our client.

This full team had a backlog, a product owner, a team lead, and most importantly, Viasat Connect didn’t need to invest time and resources for workload management and distribution. Instead, they were getting an end-to-end solution to their needs managed by the Strypes team. Our business model turned out to be the smartest solution for our partner. We approached their needs in a way that allowed for timely and efficient actions to help Viasat Connect satisfy current demand and enable new business opportunities at the lowest cost.

The Business Impact

Although this model was new for Viasat Connect Belgium, our partner soon gained the benefits from working with a team that delivered a smart end-to-end IT solution. Among the results were:

    • Timely response to market demand
    • Achieving business goals
    • Growth in sales
    • High flexibility and scalability
    • Collaboration and knowledge exchange with experienced and skilled IT team

“The result of our collaboration is a very committed team, on both sides. We work efficiently together and trust on our extended team in Bulgaria. They not only help us with the development. They also analyze, solve problems, test, consult and execute improvements and participate in the release processes. This resulted in faster releases and improved our time-to-market. Despite the fact that we work with a remote team, it does not feel like that at all.

Geoffroy Van Den Broucke

CTO at Viasat Connect Belgium

For years now, Viasat Connect Belgium has been working with Kodar, part of Strypes Group, on various IT projects across many different technologies. This experience, combined with the skills and knowledge of the team and the collaboration with Strypes allowed the company to focus on its core business expertise, delivering higher value to end clients while organizing the work in the most efficient way.

Nearsurance: The Strypes way of outsourcing

Strypes’ unique work model combines our expertise in IT implementations and software development with the benefits of nearshoring.

Download our Nearshurance whitepaper and read more about the process.

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