Strypes Yearly Master Class / Internship 2020

Company Information

Strypes is a Dutch company with an extensive background in software development. For 12 years we have built a team of over 320 people in 3 locations (Sofia, Plovdiv, Eindhoven). Together we take ownership over application roadmaps for our clients and structure their overall application landscape. We are a leading software development partner for software product companies in the fast-paced high-tech industry, which requires innovative (embedded) software development. Today we are looking for bright- minded young people, willing to take their first steps in the field of software development and engineering. 

Job Description

We are looking for 12 interns to start working with us, with plenty of opportunities to stay after the program. Some foundational software development knowledge and expertise, backed up with enrollment in public or private universities will help you to be successful in our intership program, and ideally join our team as a Junior Software Developer:

  • Apply between Sept 3 - October 23;
  • It starts on 9 November;
  • The program lasts 10 weeks;
  • It is paid;
  • Work 6hrs per day;
  • The internship will be held online;
  • We offer flexible learning hours, a friendly work environment and opportunity to become a full-time employee in a well-respected international software organisation;
  • First 2 weeks - Master class program 

Our interns will go through a detailed and interactive onboarding program during the first 2 weeks (our Master class). After that, you will be able to work with our senior colleagues on a real project for our clients.


Job Requirements

Start your career with Strypes with no prior professional experience needed. 

Compensation Benefits

10 weeks of paid internship program:
- First 2 weeks are in intro lectures to the specifics of the Strypes technologies;
- During the following 1,5 month each of the interns is going to be part of a team, with dedicated mentor.
Friendly work environment;
Flexible working hours;
Regular team events;
Possibility after successful completion of the 2 months internship program to become a part of Strypes team.
If you are willing to take the challenge: jump in and apply.

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