The Software Modernization solutions

Depending on legacy systems and the software that runs on them is a challenge can be solved with software modernization. Many companies still rely on legacy systems to run their business, having made huge investments in these. Software modernization is driven by different business and technological needs and can have many aspects, forms, aims, and benefits.

It is a service that makes great business sense and impact for the companies that need to keep up with the innovations in their industry.

The software modernization solutions

At Strypes, we use a modular approach which results in a painless transition and quick, efficient development. Our years of experience working with high-profile clients led us to create our own strategies and work models. We use automation to deliver on time while we also make sure that the final product has the maximum quality when it comes to looks and functionality.

Even when your legacy systems are serving your current business and your clients are not complaining, software modernisation can bring new opportunities and business by leveraging the emerging technologies in your field

Choose a partner that can handle your entire software modernisation operation

In such a fast-paced environment, delivering on time is critical, which is why we have made it our top priority to meet all of our clients’ deadlines and to make sure that the final product has the maximum quality when it comes to looks and functionality.

Examples when software modernisation is needed include:

  • The code is too difficult to maintain and the archive needs better modularity
  • Every new feature that is added causes code changes elsewhere
  • A 32-bit system needs to be updated to a 64-bit system to improve the overall performance
  • The UI is outdated or becomes non-responsive

Software modernization case studies

Follow the link to download our whitepaper where you can find two examples of software modernization projects where our work resulted in smoother business operations. In both cases, our solutions created a high business impact. In the first case, we automating the changes in the work process and achieved better modularity of the client’s archive. For our second client, we upgraded the system from 32 bit to 64 bit to allow for more RAM so that the customer could run new third-party applications without complications. Thanks to the implemented modernization, our client’s machines can now run with more than 4GB RAM, taking advantage of the technically demanding systems and applications, enabling the future development of the enterprise.


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