As part of our services, Strypes offers IoT Application Development that can perform remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, and remote update. These are custom smart solutions as our clients are typically machine manufacturers whose products have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of components. We help them maximise machine uptime and reduce the need to send service engineers on site.

In the case of the agriculture industry, more and more farms around the world are now powered by IoT-based smart solutions that enhance productivity and optimise the work of farmers and technicians.

Lely, one of our clients, is a company that helps farmers automate feeding, milking and cleaning. The Dutch-founded company produces robots that make agrarian life easier, as it changes the way farms work. Lely came to Strypes as they needed a trusted partner to develop a diagnostic and configuration application that can remotely monitor and manage different types of milking robots data.


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Lely’s solution is unique as it allows cows to get milked by letting themselves inside the robot. Each robot can service up to 80 cows per day, milking them 2-3 times a day. The robots can be monitored by the farmer, but in the unlikely event that they stop working, they can hardly be replaced by manual labour.

One of our objectives with this project was to minimise the unnecessary movement of technicians who provide support for the robots, optimise their work process, and react as early as possible in case of technical difficulties. The impact of the application can be seen immediately. Farmers can see when a robot is milking a cow, how many litres of milk are collected during the current milking, what are the latest parameters of the different components and if all are operational.

Remote Equipment

If a farmer is next to the robot, remote technicians can instantly view the data in the application and instruct farmers to turn different components on and off. This way, the service technician can help the farmer remotely, instead of travelling back and forth for many miles at a time. Through interactive communication between the person who is next to the robot, the technician can diagnose the robot remotely.

Go to our white paper, where you can read more about the custom smart solution we developed for Lely, and how we have successfully applied our expertise.


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