Where is Your Office Today? Meet our IT Nomads!

At Strypes we really mean it when we say digital nomads. While some of our teammates enjoy travelling and working by the sea, others often take advantage of working from anywhere to combine their job with personal duties. Yoanna, Ivaylo, Gergana, and Aleksandar are just a few of our colleagues who often switch between working locations and take advantage of Strypes’ presence in major cities in Bulgaria.

Yoanna Samohodova, Technical Recruiter
Yoanna Samohodova, Technical Recruiter

How About Working at the Seaside?

Unlike many office locations in the summer, ours remain quite busy due to the opportunity for our people to travel and work by the sea.

We welcome everyone who wants to combine their work and holidays or just to experience a different atmosphere here in Varna. We have great locations to host our colleagues from other cities in the summer and also students in Varna and Burgas who work at Strypes during the school year.” – shares Yoanna, Technical Recruiter in our team.

Isn’t it lovely to have your lunch break at the beach or just to walk along the coast on your way to the office? To me, this is a great opportunity to relax and find inspiration for even higher productivity at work.” – adds Gergana, Scrum Master at Strypes.

Convenience for Everyone

Apart from bringing work and vacations closer together, our locations in the 4 major cities in Bulgaria let our people travel, meet with relatives, and chase their hobbies while working. Ivaylo, our Marketing Manager, was raised in Plovdiv and is now living in Sofia, but his wife is from Burgas. And guess what – he has no problem travelling all the time and meeting with his family.

No one has their own desk or space anymore. We use our offices as co-working locations where anyone at Strypes Group can attend and work with us. Despite working in a fully remote team, I am convinced that we are top performers and deliver optimal results for the company working as digital nomads.” – says Ivaylo.

Ivaylo Yanev, Marketing Manager

Combining your job with being with friends from the country, going to concerts or performing side duties is more than easy at Strypes. I am thankful that we all have this flexibility of choosing a desired place to work from.” – adds Yoanna.

Gergana Mincheva, Scrum Master
Gergana Mincheva, Scrum Master

You will mostly find me working from home, but I am also used to going to our Sofia office to meet and work together with my peers. In addition to visiting our office in Varna in the summer I will also take the chance to spend time with my family in my hometown and work from there.” – admits Gergana.

Ability to Make Stronger Business Impact

While making our people’s lives easier, our presence in major cities helps us position Strypes and Kodar as best employers locally and to partner closely with the educational sector. Aleksandar is currently in Burgas managing Strypes’ partnership with the University “Prof. Assen Zlatarov” – Burgas.

We aim at growing the IT communities in several Bulgarian cities and participate in numerous projects together with technical schools and universities in the country. This helps us attract talents from anywhere and also to travel more to meet each other live. I am quite often on the road with my camper but have never had any issues stopping and working on a task whenever needed.” – tells Aleksandar about his job.

More Team Building Occasions

Our company is also famous for the team buildings that help us meet and enjoy some time together a couple of times every year. Being a company full of digital nomads, it is essential that we meet live and build strong relationships between the teams.

The only disadvantage I can think of about remote work and digital teams is the lack of spending more time together. However, Strypes’ team events really compensate for that and create a lot of cheerful moments for all of us.” – explains Ivaylo.

We often say that remote never felt so close speaking about the way we support our clients. However, this truly applies to our connections in the team I lead, as well. Every month we organize live team meetups in our offices depending on the people’s current and preferred location for work.” – adds Aleksandar.

Aleksandar Tankov, Technical Lead

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