We Rise by Lifting Others: How Collaboration Builds a Powerful Team

In 2021 effective team communication and mentoring from distance are key drivers for business results and people satisfaction. We are sharing with you a great example given by two of our colleagues from Strypes and Kodar How would you define “digital collaboration”? In a world where almost all our colleagues work remotely and keep in touch with their teams and our clients from distance, digital collaboration has been fundamental. There is a lot to learn on the topic from two of our team members – Georgi Bogdanov, Scrum Master/Tech Lead, and Dechko Petrov, Full Stack Developer at Strypes.

Why effective communication is vital for remote teams?

Back in time Georgi used to be part of Kodar’s team in Plovdiv until 2018 when he began working with his new colleagues at Strypes from our Sofia location. What challenged him the most about this change turned out to be the difference in terms of company culture, relationships and communication principles and technologies that were established. What Georgi found out about himself was the need to revise and change his whole approach towards team communication and adapt it from live meetings and speaking to online events, and mostly – writing. When you are co-located, people talk to each other by default. But in remote teams, they don’t. In fact, if you don’t communicate on a remote team, you don’t exist. What I had to do was rebuild my whole approach to digital collaboration. Remote communication must be intentional, planned, and organized. It switches from primarily talking to writing. Remote teams are “write-first”, while co-located teams are “speak-first.” – shares Georgi.

How about mentoring from distance?

Dechko is another colleague of ours that may serve as an example for effective digital collaboration. He believes that, not matter of the location, one can be a 100% part of a team if good teamwork and communication exist. Currently, he is mentoring of one of our talents in Plovdiv and is doing his best to provide his support and guidance to her on a daily basis. Dechko believes that physical distance is not a problem at all if team members stay in touch and exchange feedback at any time. “Sometimes the distance mentoring can be more successful than the real meeting with concrete person. I think that in this way the person from the other side can be more relaxed and confident to share with you his questions, concerns, issues or whatever. When both sides have mutual commitment and are always responsive and timely in fulfilling promises, the work can be done!” – adds Dechko.

Digital collaboration – a core principle at Strypes

What is most valuable about Georgi and Dechko is their attitude and ability to communicate effectively being part of their teams remotely. Such skills have turned into a cornerstone for the growth of our business in the past decade and for our capability to become a trusted partner for multi-national companies, as well as into a prominent employer in Bulgaria with presence in 3 major cities in the country. Being able to communicate and collaborate from distance is what makes it feel like we have always been part of a single team. Interested in joining us? Check out our career opportunities in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Burgas.


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