Walking the way from Music to IT – Meet Stanislav Tanov, Incident Manager

Trust the process, trust the Universe

Back in his childhood, Stan went to piano lessons. “But you know, when you are a kid, you are impacted by your parent’s decisions and way of thinking.”, he explains. Fast forward to his teenage years, Stan became really curious about the world of Information Systems which led him to the idea of combining his music skills with his new passion. This is when he got accepted into the TU-S, the Technological School of Electronic Systems. Once he graduated, Stan decided that he wanted to get deeper into music composition (which in one way or another would give him the best of both worlds – music combined with technical skills). However, the Universe had other plans for him – he passed all exams with very good and excellent grades apart from the one that has nothing to do with his music skills – History of Music.

“To be honest, this was a hard pill to swallow.”, remembers Stan. But he didn’t get discouraged for a long time and applied for the Sofia University where he got accepted in the Music Pedagogy class.

Then, another passion popped up – cinema. And of course, another idea: that he can combine his interests, which brought a new goal on the horizon – music composition for movies. That’s how he started working for a British company, producing instrumentals for musicals. “This was a really dynamic period in my life, I enjoyed what I did so much, and I knew I am on the right track as it was helping me evolve my skills further, which would later help me in the composition of music.”, remembers Stan. However, the big financial crisis came in, which made him re-prioritise his interests and get back to IT. “And this was the moment when IT came back into my life and never left it ever since!”, adds Stan.

What about music now? Is it part of your life?

– I haven’t done anything related to music in a long time, to be honest I don’t know how keen I am to do it again at the level I used to. But on the other hand, I’m curious to try the things I did back then and see how I would interpret them through my current prism and mindset.

Tell us more about your journey before Strypes?

– Before Strypes I was working as a Support Engineer on different day and night shifts which interfered with my personal life. Then I started a job as an Incident Manager but we were hired to work for a specific client. Suddenly, this big client decided to terminate their contract with our company and many colleagues from the team resigned, some were offered to move to other teams. So I was among the ones who stayed, even though it was somehow a downgrade to my position, but I pretty much liked the people whom I worked with. Two weeks later the COV-19 Pandemic hit. There were a lot of uncertainties, the company was losing many clients and a thought that maybe it is time for me to look for another opportunity. Be careful what you wish for: due to shortage of work, my company was forced to lay off many people, and as a new member of the team, I was among them. Back then it was a tough period for Incident Managers… There were no job offers for such positions, so I took the decision to even look for support options again and I got a job in one company as a Support Engineer. However, I knew this is not my thing any more and I was sure that Incident Manager is the path I wanted to follow. And…be careful what you wish for again – you can manifest it all! Quite by accident I came across an ad for an Incident Manager in Strypes. I sent my CV, got a call on the next day and an interview on the other… and here I am now!

Describe a day in your life and your work process. What exactly are your job responsibilities?

– I try to get up early, grab a coffee and go for a walk while I listen to podcasts. Usually I work from home – with the Corona Pandemic we got used to it. But of course, we also visit the office with the team, when it is needed or when we just want to hang out. As for my position – I am in charge of the support part of the project. This includes communication with the client, product owner, the technical team and all stakeholders’ tasks prioritization. I would define the position as Admin Support – the goal is to minimize the tasks that go to the developers and have nothing to do with writing code as well as the other way around for tasks that go to the Project Manager.

And what about the team?

– You know there is this belief about software developers… that they are antisocial geeks. Well, it is different here at Strypes! We break the stigma: people are outgoing, having tons of different interests outside work! Sport is also a big thing here!

Do you have a favorite moment at Strypes?

– This would be the first Legion Run. It was a few months after I got the job at Strypes, and I had barely met just a few people from the company, so the event was a great one for meeting new people and ones that I work with as well! A nice way to bring the team spirit together!

Describe your Stypes adventure in 5 words:

– Challenging, educational, exciting, shared and life-changing.

What would you do if you were not in the IT sphere?

– Audio production and/or video editing for sure. Not only are these spheres closely connected to my roots in music but it turns out that nowadays audio engineers are one of the hottest job opportunities.

Tell us a bit more about your hobbies.

– I love to call it weight lifting rather than fitness, fitness is too mainstream and narrow as a term for me. This has been a hobby of mine for more than 6 years now. To be honest, recently I have been thinking about the definition of the word hobby and I got to my personal insight that “hobby” is not only something that you are interested in from the consumption part of it, but also something that you get deeper into. So my hobby also sparked an interest in health as a whole. I also mentioned that I am a cinephile. I love the fact that cinema actually combines all the rest of the arts. I can also describe myself as a part-time gamer, as a hobby of course. There is no deeper meaning behind this one here, but it definitely helped me develop my competitive skills, which I lacked before that. Moreover, recently I am reading a lot of psychology books which help me understand myself better as well as people’s psyche as a whole.

Any tips for people who are entering the IT sphere:.

– Learn English. And why not another language, as well as a programming one. Also, do not pass by any referral opportunities – in Bulgaria we have prejudice about it, but when done in a correct manner, it is totally fine. And last but not least – do not get discouraged by your mistakes, they are the only means through which we can get better


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