Unleashing Innovation: The Story of Colin’s Journey from Newcastle to Bulgaria

From the bustling streets of Newcastle upon Tyne to the vibrant landscapes of Bulgaria, Colin’s journey is a tech-odyssey sprinkled with innovation, creativity, and a dash of love for our furry friends. Picture this: a tale where entrepreneurship, coding, and a profound connection with nature collide in a symphony of success.

Colin’s fascination with software development ignited in his childhood starting with a commodore 64, a spark that flourished into a blazing career in 2005. 

  • In my teens, I started a programming team, searching worldwide for top talent. We began by crafting software exploits to learn more, but soon turned to developing peer-to-peer systems, artificial intelligence, compression algorithms and other advanced security-related software such as firewalls. This experience paved the way for Ziron, a programming language, marking a major milestone in my journey.
  • Ziron—a testament to your creativity and innovation. Could you tell us a bit about how it came to be?
  • Ziron emerged from a strong desire to learn and strive for self improvement. My drive to surpass limitations and redefine the possibilities within the programming landscape.

During his technological journey, Colin’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his marriage, led him to Bulgaria in 2008, where he established his IT company. Yet, Colin’s ambitions extended beyond corporate realms, he established One Nature, a non-profit organization on the frontline of conservation efforts.

  • Can you share with us the genesis of One Nature?

  • Definitely. My love for nature has always burned bright within me. Witnessing the delicate balance of nature firsthand, I felt compelled to take action. Thus, One Nature was born—a beacon of hope amidst the ever-darkening shadows of environmental degradation. I just needed to find the right members to join the board.

In 2015, Colin expanded his horizons further, intertwining technology with artistry through photography. 

Part of Strypes for a year now, Colin found not just a workplace but a canvas for innovation and personal growth.

  • What does your regular work day look like?

  • A regular working day for me is not strictly structured by time, as I view my role at Strypes not just as a job, but as a passion and a platform for continuous personal and professional growth. My day usually involves a mix of technical development, team collaboration, and strategic planning. This flexibility allows me to stay highly motivated and creative, enabling me to adapt quickly to new challenges as they arise. What I enjoy most is the opportunity to innovate and positively influence the tech industry. Each project brings a chance to solve complex problems and develop solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also set the groundwork for future advancements. Working at Strypes provides a dynamic environment where I can apply my skills in varied contexts, continuously learn from my peers, and lead initiatives that push the boundaries.
  • And what is your favorite thing about Strypes:

  • What I value most about Strypes is the dynamic environment it offers—full of challenges that not only allow for my own self-improvement but also give me the opportunity to assist others in their professional growth. I actively strive to shift the mindset from the traditional ‘don’t fix it if it’s not broken’ to a more proactive approach, encouraging continuous improvement and innovation. Additionally, the people at Strypes are a significant part of what makes working here so enjoyable. The team is fantastic; I’ve formed connections with many inspiring colleagues who I hope to remain close with long into the future—you know who you are!

Beyond the realms of technology, Colin’s life pulses with vibrancy. In the quiet moments between coding sessions and conservation efforts, he finds solace in the gentle strumming of guitar strings and the melody of electronic beats. Music, like a familiar friend, whispers stories of love and loss, hope and resilience, weaving its way into the fabric of his existence.

  • Colin, your passion for music adds another layer of depth to your already multifaceted life. Can you tell us more about it?

  • Music has a way of transcending barriers, bridging gaps, and speaking to the soul in ways that words alone can not. It’s a universal language—a conduit through which emotions flow freely, connecting hearts across continents. In my darkest moments, music has been a beacon of light! Recently, I’ve also ventured into electronic music production, a hobby since my youth that I took to a professional level in early 2023 under the alias “Chemical Shock”. It’s been a transformative journey, one that allows me to channel my creativity in new and exciting ways.

  • And together with all your passions, your love for animals shines through. Can you tell us more about your furry companions?

  • They are the heartbeat of my home, the silent guardians of my heart. Each one has a story to tell. My connection to animals, particularly dogs, deeply influences my personal and professional life. I see a lot of my own traits in dogs—loyal, protective, and always ready to help. This affinity motivates me not only in my personal life but also in my commitment to meaningful causes. I believe my spirit animal is a dog! I currently have 4 dogs, a cat, 2 endangered breeds of sheep, and 3 chickens. Three of my dogs and my cat are rescued. All of my animals bring boundless joy and unwavering companionship to my life!

In the quietude of his sanctuary, Colin finds joy in crafting furniture, working in his garden, going for hikes in the mountains and cherishing moments with his beloved pets.

  • Do you have any other passions or hobbies that you haven’t mentioned yet?

  • Yes… a lot (laughing)!  I like to dabble with electronics, sometimes building custom electronic boards, often with no specific purpose in mind, just for the joy of creating something new.

    Another passion of mine is writing; I have completed a novel titled ‘In the End,’ which I plan to publish once I find the time. And, of course, I cherish the moments spent with my dogs and observing wildlife, which brings me immense joy and relaxation.

    I especially like driving and have a particular love for cars, especially my R53 Mini Coopers. I enjoy racing and taking long drives through the mountains, which provides a thrilling and refreshing escape from the everyday routine.

  • Balancing numerous interests and obligations, how do you harmonize your professional duties with your personal pursuits?

  • Juggling between work and passion is a delicate dance—one that requires mindful intention and unwavering dedication. The secret to successfully combining a career in the IT field with my personal life lies in focusing on passion rather than profit. For me, it’s crucial not to dwell too much on financial outcomes or where I might end up in the future. Instead, I find joy and fulfillment in the work itself, and I believe that if you genuinely enjoy what you do, success and contentment will naturally follow.

    Don’t get me wrong—I appreciate the value of money. It not only enhances my life but also allows me to assist those around me and support my passion for saving animals in need. However, money is not my primary objective. My true driving force is a thirst for knowledge. This mindset helps me maintain a balanced perspective, ensuring that my professional ambitions always harmonize with my personal passions and ethical values. If you are lucky enough to work with people you like and enjoy working with, it can be much more enjoyable in the long run.

So, how does he do it all? It’s simple: Colin’s secret sauce is passion. By chasing what lights a fire in his belly, he’s found the perfect recipe for success—one that blends work and play seamlessly.

As Colin’s journey unfolds, it’s a reminder that with a sprinkle of passion and a dash of innovation, anything is possible. So, here’s to the dreamers, the doers, and the Colin’s of the world—may your journey be as wild and wonderful as his.

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