The Biggest Department at Strypes is Looking for New Members

Many people leave a job because they don’t feel comfortable in their work environment. I think the strong team is what makes people loyal to Strypes. Talents are the first priority in this company, and they really thrive when they feel at the right place.” This is what Biserka Todorova, Group Manager at Strypes, shares first about her view on the organization and the department she is part of.

We asked her to tell us more about her work and about the reason AIM, the department she is part of, is looking for new members.

What does AIM mean for You?

You may think at first that “AIM” sounds like a purpose, direction or a meaning. And it is not a coincidence that this is also the name of the biggest department at Strypes.

In addition, Biserka believes that it is the friendship and bonding between people that creates such a strong team of top performers.

If you look at AIM you would see more than 180 people who have built friendships, trust, and personal relationships among themselves. You would immediately notice that in reality there is no hierarchy in this team in the way you see it anywhere else. One principle is key for Strypes – we never build teams around the projects, but rather give them to existing ones who have already worked together and I believe this is one of the key assets and cornerstones of the success of our organization.” – she says.

What Does the AIM Department Deal with?

There are projects for two major Strypes’ clients that AIM teams are currently working on. One of them is the world’s leader in a high-tech industry and the other one is devoted to modernizing the farming sector.

There is nothing worse than waiting for the time to come to finish your working day. Fortunately, if you look at our teams, they are doing just the opposite. Everyone is aware of the meaningful impact they are making with their work

and you simply can’t take this passion away from them. And the happier the people, the happier the client. There is nothing more rewarding than getting feedback from your client about someone from the team who has just exceeded their expectations. You smile, you celebrate, and you know that a great team culture and care for people has just proved its value again!”

Interested in joining AIM?

Strypes’ culture is not just people-oriented. It is people-driven and the feedback by our colleagues about the freedom they work with, the respect and inclusion they have, and the rewards, benefits, and team buildings they enjoy is more than positive.

Although we have people working fully remote from all across the country, we do encourage live team gatherings and communication. I am glad to see many of the teams

having their own internal initiatives to gather into our offices at least once a week, which is a sign they enjoy being together.” – Biserka tells us.

And thanks to their great performance and knowledge, both our clients would like to extend the collaboration with Strypes.

C++ and Python Developers are Needed

We are currently looking for talents with skills in both technologies (C++ and Python)  which are mostly used by our major clients. And what is even more important to us is to find people who would like to grow within a team and who would really enjoy a family-like environment. 

If you are one of them just get in contact with us:

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