Step into Strypes Lab 2024: Ready to Dive In?

Tatyana Lesidrenska is a Technical Project Manager at Strypes. She is an organised free spirited woman with a very diverse work background. Before Strypes, Tatyana studied to become a teacher, worked in an advertising company, in TV, and then in IT. In most of career in IT she has been focusing on planning and delivering projects. Tatyana shares that she is a firm believer in Strypes’ company values and people, and this is what made her choose us.

She now works in a team of 40+ people, as part of Strypes’ Guardians group.

“From my perspective, after some time in the industry, I believe that a successful project manager needs to know how to stay cool under pressure and apply common sense. In a perfect world, projects are delivered on time, under budget, and with no major problems or obstacles to overcome. But we don’t live in a perfect world and projects can be challenging. And when there are challenges, people tend to panic.


Snowy tale

“People tend to over-complicate things sometimes. Very often, the most simple solution is the best solution.”

This is when Tatyana helps her colleagues plan again, and she ensures a smooth work process with great communication and integrity.

“We can’t let our people and clients feel down when we work on a project. All stakeholders need to know that we are working on overcoming the challenges and that we will deliver a solution, even if there is a slight delay.”

She finds balance to work in her hobbies––paragliding, skydiving, skiing, hiking, and motorcycling. Basically almost all extreme sports.

Having completed seven or eight paragliding jumps, Tatyana applies the inspiration from her hobbies into her work with Strypes.

“Like paragliding, project management requires a lot of planning, securing, and assessing the environment.”

She chooses to live in Bulgaria over any other European country because of the family-like team and the warm company culture she experiences at the office. Her work environment at Strypes Bulgaria gives her a calm feeling, even when her job requires her to handle a healthy amount of pressure and challenges. A similar feeling to when she paraglides.

“Strypes has an open door policy and this is applied here, it’s not just a statement. We can talk to the COO, CEO or anyone else in management, and communicate with them freely.”


In her view, the IT industry gives women a sense of stability and control over their lives. It allows them to plan, cover their expenses, and achieve a good work-life balance.

“What urges you to always stay ahead, strive, and struggle for more. A working girl must make room for herself and all the things she needs. In my 20s, I was juggling with my career, social life, and outdoor activities. This led me to the edge. I decided to stop juggling and start balancing.”

Paragliders need balance to fly forward. And so do great project managers.

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