Step into Strypes Lab 2024: Ready to Dive In?

At Strypes we believe that the balance between personal life and work is the most important one.

We believe that each individual should be able to enjoy their hobbies and families, and spend valuable time doing what they love, in order to be happy and productive while at work. To inspire our team to spend as much time as possible in the snowy mountains, we have launched the Strypes Winter Adventure challenge. More than 50 people participated in this photo contest. They shared (on our closed Facebook Group) the great pictures they made while in the mountains practicing what they love – skiing, snowboarding or just spending quality time with their loved ones. We also had “Ride the longest distance” competition, and the champion rode more than 90 km on the slopes, and shared his experience with our awesome team.

So enjoy some of the amazing photos our team members made! And don’t forget to spend time on what you love!


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