Strypes Team Buildings: Fun, Pleasure, and Team Spirit

Behind every success is a great team. And we don’t just mean skilled professionals, but also talents who are inspired, motivated, and enjoy working together.

Here is why our culture at Strypes promotes team gatherings and fun to support our colleagues’ well-being and spirit as part of the company.

As we have been growing significantly in the past few years and having newcomers from all around the country (and abroad), team events have become extremely important to us, and at the same time quite challenging to organize. Learn what’s the secret of our teams to keep those gatherings and turn them into a cornerstone for their internal life at Strypes.

We Find the Perfect Match for Every Age and Personality

Have you heard of LEGO Robotics? Iva Ivanova, Project Lead at Strypes, is heading a team that works on various projects and consists of 15 people from different generations with various interests and personalities, all spread across Bulgaria. As they are being challenged to find the right team building event that everyone would like, they come across SparkLab and Lego Robotics.

The team gathers at Strypes’ office in Sofia in a robotics battle that requires them to assemble and program physical robots to fight against each other. Divided in teams of two they had to compete and outperform the rest of their colleagues to win the final.

The Battle

Iva’s team attempts to gather live at least on a quarterly basis and everyone is welcome to share ideas for activities to be performed by the team.

Live interaction is essential for the team’s synergy and collaboration. We saw the robotics battle as the perfect initiative that inspires creativity, encourages team members to join forces, and also meets their own requirements for team building events. What we experienced during this one was pure emotion, true bonding, and a lot of fun. The fact that some colleagues stayed in the room and kept entertaining themselves with billiards and videogames afterwards was a signal that it was worth gathering in the first place.” – shares Iva.

My personal belief is that every single creature in the world deserves respect and care, and this mission of mine connects me with other great people who are open to help and do good.”

The Impact

Team building and bonding does not end when the event is over. In fact, the team still remains enthusiastic about what they have experienced together.

You can’t just neglect the role of team events for the overall team performance. During such gatherings we get to know each other much better, and we show more of ourselves to the others. This creates better synergy, improves our work together and contributes to the humor and fun throughout our daily meetings and tasks. I personally saw most of my colleagues in a positive but very different light during the robotics battle. Honestly, I can’t wait for the next team building we are having together!” – admits Iva.

We Create Friendships

Aleksandar Tankov, Team Lead at Strypes, takes an idea from his personal life and turns it into a great experience for him and his colleagues who are also living all across the country. He suggests that team members invite the rest at home for dinner.

This creates an opportunity for teammates to gather, cook together, spend time as a team and get to know each other better.

The Recipe

A Little Bit of Challenge…

3 evenings in a row two members of the team hosted the rest at home and cooked for them.

“Imagine what an atmosphere and chaos it is when you are in a rush to prepare a meal for your colleagues. Everything has to be perfect and everyone’s taste has to be taken into account.” – shares Aleks.

…a Lot of Fun…

“From the moment we gathered to do the shopping we knew it was going to be all laugh and entertainment. Once you get so close with your teammates, you invite them at home, cook dinner for them, and spend so much time together, then you really bond and bring all these great experiences to work.”

…and Some Great Memories on Top

Aleksandar and his team have found a way to leverage the idea for team gatherings and to turn them into real bonding for everyone.

“If you just use your team’s budget for going out at restaurants, this is rarely enough to establish personal connections among people. We went a step further and it was a huge success, I believe. Following these improvised dinners we are going to publish a book with recipes that we cooked together and will keep the special aprons with the team’s logo that we handed to everyone who prepared a meal for the team.”

This video is from the personal archive of the team.

We Nurture Meaningful Interactions

The bigger the team, the greater the challenge is to gather people and keep everyone engaged and entertained. However, Desislava, Aneta, and Dilyana have found the right approach to make everyone in a team of over 40 people contribute to team gatherings: with a good idea, through finding a good place, taking care of the barbecue, or being responsible for the fun and entertainment during an event. If you ask our colleagues for feedback after a gathering, you would mostly hear about games, energy, true bonding, and inspiration.

Treasure Hunt Events

There has recently been another well-known format of a team building event at Strypes. What was notable about it was the fact that it gathered colleagues from various teams and gave them the opportunity to compete, but also to get to know each other while being on a treasure hunt at Sofia’s Borisova Garden park. For many of them spending so much time together is even impossible on a daily basis if they never gather at the office or work from multiple locations.

I see contribution to such events as a way to relax and find truly pleasant moments. While some people find inspiration and peace in listening to music, cooking, doing sports, etc, I would say that organizing team buildings is one of my favorite things to do.” – admits Dilyana Gecheva, Feature Integrator at Strypes.

Everyone Is Involved

There is no doubt that one aspect of all team building activities at Strypes is fundamental for their success and popularity – everyone’s interests and good mood is taken into consideration and probably this is the reason for so many people to be enthusiastic about the next event they could attend.

“I spend more time with all these people than I do with my family. The relationship we establish is crucial for the smooth working process, for being happy at work and satisfied with your achievements. Most of all, the team events we hold help us reunite, see who these people are outside of work and discover their true personality and character.” – shares Aneta Nikolaeva, Technical Lead at the company.

The Outcome

The outcome of the team culture at Strypes? You have already seen it on the faces of our teams and read it in the words they have shared with us. And one more aspect is out of doubt:

Team events keep us close, help us connect, and eventually nurture the feeling of belonging of our people to Strypes. When they feel the leadership, their teams, and their mates are so close to them, motivation, ambition and loyalty reach new heights.

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