Strypes Lab with over 1500 Candidates in 2022

What can boost our enthusiasm even more is another proof that Strypes is really making an impact not only for clients, but also for society and our talents. We are proud that, together with our partners from MNKnowledge, we had the most successful year for Strypes Lab – our initiative that helps recent graduates and junior developers launch and grow a successful career in the IT world.

Today, we are discussing our achievements and plans to further develop Strypes Lab in 2023 together with Tzanko Ivanov, Project Manager at Strypes, and Maya Nikolova who represents our Education-as-a-Service partner MNKnowledge.


A Great Chance for Junior Talents to Upskill

It is important to note that Strypes Lab has been designed to offer upskilling and career guidance to recent graduates from schools and universities in Bulgaria. However, the successful completion of any course depends on the candidates’ background and basic knowledge acquired during their academic education.

Strypes Lab is that critical stage in the middle between education and the first job of candidates that gives a “final touch” to their basic knowledge and complements it with fundamental soft skills required by the working environment.” – both our colleagues agree.

Tzanko Ivanov, Project Manager at Strypes

A Very Successful Edition in 2022

With a series of courses in C, C++, Python and MATLAB, as well as our Feature Integrators program, Strypes Lab attracted over 1500 applicants in the past year. As usual, they were mostly interested in Python, but also recognized the MATLAB edition as a powerful tool for building communities around related topics. Also, the Feature Integrators’ courses turned out to be an attractive opportunity for experts in other fields looking for a career transformation.

Both Tzanko and Maya agree that every next edition of Strypes Lab brings us candidates with stronger motivation, more willingness to succeed, and greater readiness to put effort in improving their skills and knowledge. A great achievement in 2022 was the fact that we managed to hire 35 of the students who successfully completed their projects and went through the program and make them part of our team.

A Strong Focus on Python, C, C++, and Feature Integrators Courses in 2023

We are planning to introduce an updated version of all courses in Strypes Lab. We will put explicit focus on communication and language skills and work ethics that will help candidates integrate into their new teams more easily.” – shares Maya from MNKnowledge.

I want to see more candidates adopting the Strypes’ culture and turning into brand ambassadors even during the courses. For sure, we will intensify the interaction between current Strypes employees and leaders and students during all the courses.” – adds Tzanko.

Let’s Kickstart Your IT Career!

Do you know that you can already apply for Strypes Lab in 2023? We have announced our next courses in Python and C++ and we are looking forward to meeting junior IT talents who want to launch a successful career.

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