Strypes Lab: Tips on the Application Process

Right before our September 2022 Strypes Lab kicks off, we are here with a few tips that might be of help to all of you willing to join us in this or the upcoming editions of the academy.

We know that many of you struggle with the application process and are curious to get inside information about the academy itself and the job interviews that come at the end of it.

Therefore, without further ado let us present to you Gabriela Georgieva (Gabi), who is part of our People Operations team at Strypes Group and is one of the team members of Strypes Lab in charge of the application process. Gabi is here with a few practical tips for you, so let’s get started!


Hi Gabi, can you tell us more about the application process for Strypes Lab?

Of course! It all starts with filling in the short application form available on our website and sending a CV. Then, there is an exam to test the technical knowledge of our future “students”. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that except for the Feature Integrator Academy, all the rest of the courses are not designed for people with zero knowledge. The whole idea is to assemble a group with relatively equal technical knowledge so that the students can start on a similar level and feel comfortable with that.

As for the CVs, is there any particular format the applicants must follow? What grabs you at first sight?

As long as the information is well structured and relevant for us, we are open to accepting any CV formats. Neatly ordered CV-s always make a good first impression and there is no need for excessive information! When it comes to details, however, creativity is always welcomed, but don’t get too much into it. After all, we are looking at CVs for technical positions, not graphic designers with ultra creative minds. Even one page with the relevant information is enough for us to get the insights!

And what is considered relevant information for Strypes Lab?

All “must-have” details for a CV should be there – contact, skills (can be separated in technical and soft skills sections), relevant work experience, education. As an option, the candidates can also include hobbies, interests, certifications, trainings, awards, projects, extracurricular activities, etc. We give our candidates the freedom to present themselves in the light they think will best showcase their fit for the corresponding course.

Once Strypes Lab is over, there is a recruitment session for the students who have passed it successfully. What is the procedure there?

The interviews conducted with the students depend on the position they will potentially get. Usually these are two interviews – a get-to-know each other one and a technical one. We are aware that it is a bit of a stressful time for the candidates, that is why we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible and answer any questions beforehand. I make sure to explain each detail before the interview – that they need a proper internet connection, a laptop, not a cell phone, a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, etc. It is totally fine to be nervous and we have that in mind, that is why we make sure to let them know in advance what they can expect from the interview, with whom it will be, etc. A thing we are looking for in any candidate is the ability to be a team player! Our teams at Strypes are like families, and that is why we insist on that.

And with the upcoming edition of Strypes Lab just around the corner, do you have any advice for the students?

Yes, sure:

1. Stay consistent! The classes are given online, but in real time and there is no recording, so try not to miss them.

2. Be proactive and outside the box! Our lecturers are always there to reply to any questions. Actually, when you are proactive, you stand out, so go ahead with that.

3. Manage your time. This is a skill that will help you not only throughout the course but in any area of life. We are aware that Strypes Lab is something you are adding on top of your daily routine but it is advisable that you also spend some time upgrading your knowledge.

4. Have fun and be motivated! With every lecture you are upskilling and getting better! Celebrate each tiny achievement you make!

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