Strypes Lab – A Career Gamechanger for Teodor Kehayov

Before the beginning of Strypes Lab 2022 we are drawing your attention to the success story of one of the participants in the previous edition. In several weeks’ time Teodor Kehayov managed to upskill himself and start his new career as a Junior Python Developer at Strypes. We would like to welcome Tedo in the team and learn what inspired him to take this step and to join us.

Hello Teodor, and congratulations on successfully passing Strypes Lab 2021! We are eager to hear more about yourself and your inspiration to deal with programming.

Thank you! My passion for programming dates back from my teenage period when I used to spend much of my spare time playing computer games. I went even further by exploring how these games function and how I could make ones myself. With my curiosity and my background in math, choosing to start my education in Computer Science at the Sofia University in 2019 was not a surprise for anyone. In addition to dealing with C++ and operational systems for a while, I have also realized the need for a more complex skill set that can bring better career opportunities to me. And that is how I choose to become part of Strypes Lab 2021.

How did the Strypes Lab contribute to increasing your skills and knowledge? Were there any challenges for you?

To be honest, this experience developed and strengthened my interests in programming, making me more confident than ever before that working in IT is my mission. Challenges began with the initial entry test for the program and continued with the individual tasks and projects that each of the participants needed to complete. Nevertheless, I would encourage everyone to join Strypes Lab and build their path to a meaningful career.

What was your project related to?

Despite entering the academy with little knowledge and no experience with Python, in just several weeks I managed to develop a sample video streaming platform from scratch and present all my work. Looking back 3 months ago, to me this seems like a notable progress in my skills.

You gained knowledge in Python that helped you become one of our new colleagues. What is your first impression of your job and your team?

Now, as a part of Strypes I can point out the warmhearted people and the team spirit that everyone brings here. After just a month I feel as a true member of one big family, a team of wonderful, friendly and cooperative people. In my role as a Junior Python Developer I will be working on some of the most challenging projects for leading global tech companies within the industries of the future. I am really looking forward to contributing to their missions and to bringing smart solutions for them together with my colleagues.

Apart from his job and passion for programming, Teodor is…

…a person devoted to his education and a person who loves doing sports as a triathlete. Currently, I can only practice running, but I am looking forward to the summer when I can return to Burgas, my hometown, and go swimming more often. This will be a great opportunity for me to take advantage of Strypes’ newest office location in the city and work and live by the sea.

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