Strypes at the Robotics Strategy Forum 2021

Our colleague, Angel Uzunov, Group Manager at Strypes, took part in the panel discussion devoted to the global chip shortage and the way tech companies in Bulgaria are actively involved in the development of the global semiconductor industry.

PARA and RSF 2021: Focus on chip and battery manufacturing and industrial automation

At Strypes, we have always been excited about innovations and robotics! Being a technology enabler and supplier for Industry 4.0, we are enthusiastic about projects in Industrial automation, chip production, and artificial intelligence. Just like the ones presented at the 2021 edition of the Robotics Strategy Forum (RFS) which took place on 29th of September in Sofia Tech Park.

RSF 2021 covered topics related to the current trends in robotics and automation and the role of Bulgaria on the global robotics scene. The event also aimed at raising awareness about potential issues associated with the shortage of chips affecting a number of industries worldwide where our Group Manager Angel Uzunov took a part at this discussion right at the beginning of the day. With his passion for software development and experience in the IT field he is one of our leaders with a key role for the development of our software business in the semiconductor industry in the past few years.

Robotics Strategy Forum 2021 is just one of the initiatives by the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation (PARA) that connects robotics and automation companies with other industries, and promotes the sharing of best business models and practices in the Smart Industry field to position Bulgaria as a leader in the CEE region.

The Global Chip Shortage: Can we respond?

We have always stood out with our end-to-end approach where we seek and take full responsibility for the tech solutions that we develop for our clients – from the analysis of their business needs till the integration of the end product. I believe that this way of working is our biggest advantage and has guaranteed the stability and sustainability of our business during the years. I always emphasize that we are not looking for a high number of clients to work with, but for a few big long-term partners instead.

Recently, one industry has been going through turbulent times due to a series of factors causing increased demand and output insufficiency. With the active participation of one of our team mates, RSF 2021 covered the topic about the global chip shortage as a result of intensive digitization and new technologies emerging on the market.

IoT is taking over a bigger and bigger part of our lives connecting us with an increasing number of electronic devices – smartphones, smart TVs, smart homes, smart cars, etc. According to our colleague Angel Uzunov, the number of companies producing microchips has gone down due to the complexity of the semiconductors business and the need for large investments in the field. “The demand for high-tech microchips is growing by 12% annually and we predict that the shortage will remain in the near future. To satisfy current demand we need over 700 billion microchips produced per year. Large investments in semiconductors production are expected across the globe in the fight for digital independence led by the world’s top economies.”- Angel added.


Robotics Strategy Forum 2021

The role of Bulgaria? Apparently, investing in microchips production and launching a new business in the field is nearly impossible. However, the country, in the face of our company and other technology enablers, plays a key role in the supply chain for the semiconductors industry.

Being part of the solution
Now, imagine all the semiconductors businesses across the globe being dependent on one single company in Europe. Yes, ASML is the World’s leader in lithography machines production with over 90% market share. In practice, there is hardly a semiconductors factory in the world that is not using ASML equipment.
Currently, Strypes is an official and a preferred partner in software projects for ASML with focus on digital transformation, remote diagnostics and monitoring, applications maintenance & management, IT infrastructure and DevOps. For the past 13 years we have been giving our contribution, knowledge, and expertise in a huge number of software projects for our partner.
As an IT solutions provider this gives us incomparable opportunities and access to the latest technologies prior to many other industry players. For Angel and all our colleagues, it means a great chance to work on challenging projects and ride the wave of innovation while making a valuable impact for the world’s top electronics manufacturers.
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