Step into Strypes Lab 2024: Ready to Dive In?

After the most successful edition of Strypes Lab in 2023, we are just about to launch the 2024 season with a C++ Academy. Last year we doubled the number of candidates compared to 2022 with 3000 applications by recent graduates in IT, junior developers, and even professionals from different sectors who were looking for a new beginning in the tech industry.

Take Your First Steps as an IT Professional with Strypes Lab

Every year Strypes and MNKnowledge join forces to deliver one of the best opportunities for beginner IT enthusiasts and level and junior developers to launch a successful career in – Strypes Lab. Why is our approach different from most of the alternatives out there? Because we prioritize practical value for all participants and give them the opportunity to start their first job in IT right after finishing a course.

Last year, we had our most successful edition of Strypes Lab with over 3000 applicants for our courses. Many of them have already started a job at Strypes. For example, Dimitar Tamahkyarov, one of our newest Junior Developers.

Strypes Lab was really a new challenge for me. Thanks to the support of our lecturer and my personal dedication, I managed to deliver an entire project which I added to my portfolio afterwards. And my participation in the course gave me the right knowledge and skills to complete it successfully.” – shares Dimitar.

10 Successful Academies in 2023

In 2023 we delivered 10 academies in Python, C, C++, Object-oriented programming in C++, and Feature Integration.

But it is not only about the number and the variety of courses we plan at Strypes Lab. It is also about the interests of participants that we take into consideration when planning the next editions.

I believe that the success of Strypes Lab lies in our ambition not only to find more talents in the IT world, but also to respond to their needs and interests for professional development. In 2024 we are planning new opportunities for candidates who are a little more advanced in Python and also deserve a chance to be supported through our Academy. With all this attention to the detail and true aspiration to make an impact for candidates, I am not surprised that the number of applications doubled in 2023 in comparison to 2022.” – admits Gabriela Georgieva. Recruitment Specialist at the company and for the Strypes Lab academies.

Why Take Part in 2024

Our C++ academy is just the beginning! We have even bigger plans for this year and we want to share them with all of you who are looking for a kick start of their career in IT. We always say that Stypes Lab is not just an IT academy and it also puts a strong focus on:

  • Giving first-hand insights about work in IT and the duties of professionals on different roles
  • Refining candidates’ soft skills and ability to collaborate, communicate, and search for answers and solutions
  • Helping candidates integrate into the world of IT and business
  • Boosting participants’ confidence and ability to present their own projects and defend their ideas

Rumyana Gorcheva-Milkova is one of our newest colleagues who took part in two of the courses part of Strypes Lab in 2023 before becoming a Junior Software Developer at Strypes.. Here is what she shares about her experience:

I attended the courses in C and C++ and I am really thankful to myself for deciding to participate and to Strypes for giving me the opportunity! The lecturers are great professionals and the topics covered are well-chosen and presented. I really like that the lectures are interactive and inspire participants to think. I recommend to future students to be proactive and curious, to ask questions and to be really devoted to learning as much as possible during their course.” – shares Rumyana.

Interested to join? Learn more about Strypes Lab and the upcoming courses here:

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