Strypes Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation and Growth with 700 Employees

In the fast-paced world of IT and innovation, reaching the 15-year milestone is a significant achievement. This year Strypes celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Not only did this wonderful occasion mark a decade and a half of dedication and innovation, but it also coincided with our achievement of 700 employees.

From Humble Beginnings to 700 Strong

It all began in an attic in Sofia back in 2008 with Atanas Filchev, our current COO, as one of the very first software developers in the company! Over the years, Strypes underwent constant development, mirroring the evolution of the tech industry itself. Today, we stand as an integral part of the Dutch ICT Group, a leading European provider of solutions in industrial technology.

In Bulgaria, our group consists of three distinct companies: Strypes, Kodar, and Up2 with offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. The company growth from a handful of individuals to a robust team of 700 employees reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability.

 Celebrating 15 Years in Style

The anniversary celebrations began early in the year with our Strypes Group Summer Fest in June. The event, held at Nu Boyana studios in Sofia, had a New York theme and was a resounding success! With over 450 participants, it was a day filled with entertainment, delicious food, refreshing beverages, games, activities, attractions and a massive night party with DJ sessions and memorable stage performances of popular artists and bands!

On 19 September 2023, we finalized the celebration with gatherings in all of the Bulgarian offices. The day began with our traditional charity lunch, where employees turned into master chefs, sharing homemade delicacies while contributing to a charitable cause. During the evening gathering we looked at what is the driving force behind Strypes’ success:

“I am proud of the team we have built together for the last 15 years. At the heart of our success is that we empower our people to take responsibility for solving the problems of our customers and they are continuously exceeding our expectations. Our challenge and opportunity ahead is to continue with the same energy and curiosity to grow in added value.”, says CEO Todor Marinov, Strypes .

“Looking at what our company and employees achieved I feel proud. We have a great team who is helping our customers with their core business. The quality which we deliver, the passion and the willingness to solve continue to exceed the expectations and impress our partners. Looking ahead we need to keep our team spirit, stay close to our core values and I am sure we will all continue to deliver impressive results while having fun together!”, shares COO Atanas Filchev.

Looking Ahead with Confidence

With 700 employees, 750+ successful projects, and 25+ clients, Strypes Group continues to create a real business impact in the tech industry. From its humble beginnings to its current success as a leading provider of various end-to-end software solutions to a number of clients, Strypes embodies the spirit of continuous development and a commitment to excellence that will undoubtedly drive its success in the years to come.


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