Nadejda Boneva: We Build Friendships at Work

Nadejda Boneva is the person in our team who is taking care of the onboarding of our new talents and for their smooth integration in the Strypes environment. After almost 6 years with us she has a lot to share with us about her career path and growth at the company.

Nadejda, our candidates would be interested to learn how your career at Strypes evolved through time. Could you share this with us?

My background in finance was key in my first months at Strypes when my position was combining the roles of a Feature Integrator and a Project Coordinator. Later on, I moved to a QA role but kept on dealing with project management and onboarding and training of new people in similar roles. The next step for me was to take on the Scrum Master position which I currently find extremely appealing, interesting, and fulfilling.

Did you always want to work in this position?

I joined Strypes with little knowledge and experience for my role as a Feature Integrator, which concerned me at that time. Gradually, I overcame this and started loving my job, but also realized that my interests are more into the project management field. Here is why I see my current role as the perfect fit in my career.

In addition, you also manage your own team of people. What challenges does this bring for you?

I’d point out remote work as a significant challenge to build the team spirit and engage my teammates, especially the newer ones. I can also admit that keeping everyone motivated all the time is a serious challenge and requires a lot of effort by all of us. Last, but not least, it is my responsibility to build a connection and communicate with everyone in the team considering their individual personality and while keeping them inside their comfort zone.

You are also the key person behind Strypes Academy. What motivates you to keep working for this project?

I know that Strypes Academy is a rare example of a meaningful onboarding program that you would find among IT employers in Bulgaria today. In general, this is the first experience that we can offer to new colleagues who join the organization, and we want to make it as useful as possible for them, with the optimal mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. We try to introduce people to their new job and to implement a learning-by-doing approach instead of just flooding them with rules, facts, and figures. What’s even more important is that Strypes Academy helps us integrate people in the organization smoothly establishing a culture of trust, respect, and transparency between everyone, regardless of their seniority.

Work-life balance did not get easier with the pandemic and the work from home. Do you manage to keep it right?

My job allows me to maintain a great work-life balance devoting a significant amount of time to take myself away from work or to practice my favorite hobbies like traveling and cooking, and the recently discovered new one – airsoft. It is nice that I can also do it with friends whom I have met here at Strypes.

At the end of the day, what you value the most about your job is…?

The people, the environment, and the culture of trust and transparency here. They inspire everyone to work with motivation and a great level of satisfaction. Here is why I often say that we first build friendships and teams here, and then build and deliver high-end services to our clients. With this attitude comes the second thing I value the most – the great results and the feeling of fulfillment and contribution that we have given to our colleagues and our clients.

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