Mountain Biking as the Perfect Balance between Adrenaline and Relaxation for Ivo Ivanov, DevOps Team Lead at Strypes

If there is one thing that characterizes Strypes, this must be our large family of bright individuals. Yes, they are great professionals, but what is truly special and amazing are their talents and hobbies which shape their personalities and inspire their success.

Today we are introducing Ivo Ivanov, DevOps Team Lead at Strypes and a manager of 11 team members. In addition to his skills and experience, he also stands out with his passion for adventures, and especially for mountain biking, known as Enduro.

What does a typical day for a DevOps team lead look like?

  • The past 3 years have been a great challenge for me in this position at Strypes. Thanks to the amazing team by my side, we are having a lot of fun while dealing with quite dynamic workflow and projects every day. I like the role because it makes me face a lot of difficulties, but also helps me grow and be part of multiple processes – technical, pre-sales, etc.

    How would you describe Strypes?

  • Strypes is a vibrant company filled with amazing people, making it a joy to work here. It’s a place where you can thrive both professionally and personally, growing every day.

We know that many of your professional achievements are inspired by your hobbies. What do you like doing the most in your free time?

  • 7-8 years ago I discovered my biggest passion so far – mountain biking, which I began doing with very basic equipment in the Vitosha mountain. Later on I became more and more inspired and gradually moved on to the next level. I started taking part in enduro races in Bulgaria, but this year I also had my first one in Greece, in the E-bike class. In the next few weeks, I am looking forward to participating in the next series in both countries.

And you even celebrated a great success, there, didn’t you?

  • I am mostly interested in participating because of the adrenaline, but I can’t deny being proud of the 1st place I ranked in the last race in Greece.

Congratulations, but why enduro? What does it give you and what does it take from you?

  • The perfect balance between adrenaline and relaxation. This is what it means to me. I have also tried snowboarding and motorcycling before, but the feeling has never been the same. Mountain biking gives me more and I can do it almost during the whole year, unlike snowboarding, for example. Of course, if you decide to compete on a level close to the professional, this sport can also take a lot from your free time or money, and could be quite risky, as well. However, it works perfectly fine for me.

Would you agree that doing sport is essential for dealing with your daily routine?

  • Definitely! Practicing any sport is a great escape from your worries and problems, taking some time for yourself and enjoying something different. In my case it is also an experience I can have far from the crowded city in a very peaceful environment.

    I’d advise everyone to take a little time to do sport in the morning and see how this can change their daily routine allowing them to handle more stress and pressure.

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