Meet the ACADEMY Team!

The Academy Team

The Academy Team

Ready to upskill? We’ve got you covered with a Software Onboarding Academy for one of our biggest clients which aims to prepare our new hires for their prospective work.

How does it all work?

The Academy covers more than 25 theoretical and practical topics within a four-week period. The trainees also go through cultural and soft skills classes, which enhance the “at home” feeling we strive to keep up with in Strypes and reduce the cultural differences both on a personal and business level as many of them are from all around the world. However, it’s not only lectures, but assignments as well, and these require teamwork and adaptiveness – skills useful for the trainee’s future day-to-day tasks within the company (and not only).

The Academy started in 2017 and in the past years training sessions were also given in Wilton and San Diego (USA). Currently, they are held on site in Veldhoven by ImproveQS and online with the help of the Strypes team we are about to present to you.

“I’m very grateful to be a part of this project as it helped me to better understand some of the Strypes purposes – to bring value and create impact for our clients”, explains Viktor Filipov who is about to celebrate his first year at the company as a Project Coordinator. “When the Academy was created, the average number of trainees per session was 12, as of today the average number is more than 30 participants per session. In March this year we reached the 1000th trainee mark! We expect to hit 2000 trainees by the middle of next year.”- adds Vikor.

Viktor Filipov

Viktor Filipov

Now, let’s meet the rest of the team-members (trainers) in the Academy!

Nadya Emanuilova is a Feature Integrator and part of the Strypes family for almost 7 years now! She became a trainer in the Strypes Academy in July 2017 and is happy to be part of it because it helped her gain a better understanding of the impact of the solutions that Strypes deliver. Nadya believes that this Academy adds value to the newly hired people because integrating software changes, especially for such big clients, consists of a row of processes and heaps of documentation, and even experienced software engineers are taken aback at the beginning. “Strypes Academy prepares software developers in this particular environment by providing an overview of the code architecture, the processes, the tooling and paperwork involved, thus laying out the main frame of the puzzle, the foundation, which allows for the puzzle pieces to come to place by asking the right questions.” – Nadya says.

A fun fact: Nadya has a British accent and a “lullaby tone of voice” and loves to add surprising questions during her classes. “I think this is what trainees remember me with”, adds Nadya while chuckling.

Nadya Emanuilova











Nadya Emanuilova 

Momchil Tsvetkov is also a Feature Integrator and a trainer in the Strypes Academy. He thinks that the Academy brings value to the newly hired employees because this particular client’s environment is very specific and no matter the experience of the newcomers before Strypes, they can still have difficulties while onboarding if the Academy was not present. However, it is! And Momchil is happy to be part of it because he likes teaching and already has some experience as a trainer. Plus, going over and over the same information, sometimes helps him with his day-to-day work tasks, too!

– Share a funny moment with us, Momchil!

One time I recall after quite a thorough explanation and demonstration I asked the participants “Is there anything clear?”. I remember some in the audience unmuted themselves especially so that everyone could hear them laugh.

Momchil Tsvetkov

Momchil Tsvetkov

Momchil also encourages his colleagues who are curious about the Academy and wonder how they can be part of it as trainers, to try out, especially if they feel comfortable talking in front of many people. “You won’t lose anything but actually gain a lot!” – adds Momchil.

Dimitar Yanakiev

Dimitar Yanakiev

– Dimitar, how would you encourage your colleges to become part of the Academy’s family as trainers?

– I think that being a part of the Academy is a great way to improve your soft skills and you are influencing and helping quite a lot of people is highly appreciated by them. Also, we’ve created a great team and friendly atmosphere here!

Dimitar Yanakiev is the other Feature Integrator, part of the Academy. Being part of the Strypes team for almost 7 years now, brought him tons of experience and knowledge for the specifics of the client company and the projects, so he decided that he can help the newcomers get onboarded quickly and smoothly. Dimitar is proud to be part of the trainers team as he loves helping others and influencing newcomers in a positive way so that they can get acquainted with the client’s environment way better and quicker!


Dmitriy Staniev is a Junior Python Developer and this is his very first job in the IT sphere! As he had some struggles with his initial onboarding, he decided to join the Academy as a trainer and help others enter the environment easier. “It’s a good feeling to help someone!”- shares Dmitry.

Dmitriy Staniev

Adriana Ivanova

– Share an awkward/ moment/memory from your experience as a lecturer at the Academy!

– There were several times when the two competing Champion candidate teams had a last commit in the same minute, so it was impossible to determine the Champion team among them, and we gave it to the one with the better quality code review request. At the time and some other times also, the second team who did not become Champions got mad at us, the Lecturers, for giving the title to “the wrong team”. I remember receiving quite salty feedback. It is also awkward (albeit quite rare) when somebody rates you a 2 or 3 out of 5 as a trainer but doesn’t say why.

Want to be part of the Academy trainers family and help others in their first steps of their career at Strypes? We will be glad to have you onboard! And as Adriana says: “The worst you can do is keep the wish to yourself, until a better time comes or maybe, the “perfect time” comes. Come to us unprepared and motivated. This is the best place to start!”. So don’t hesitate to contact the lecturers and become one of them in the upcoming year if you really want to make a meaningful impact on the career development of many professionals at Strypes!

And we are moving on to Adriana Ivanova who is a Team Lead at Strypes and a lecturer at the internal Academy. “We focus on skills that are also evergreen: learning how to learn, having the right mindset to cooperate with your colleagues, how to find information, how to give feedback in the form of code review comments and how to safely read through such on your own code review requests. We focus on the idea behind certain technologies.”- explains Adriana. She believes that in the modern corporate environment it is crucial to be proactive, friendly and outspoken. And all of this is taught in the Academy in a very interactive way.

How do you feel being part of the Academy and what added value does this bring you?

– The Academy helps me meet a lot of colleagues – test specialists, integrators, software developers (both newbies and seniors), and many managers from the client’s side. It helps you make a lot of connections, if you care to connect with your students. If you ask them about their experience, you can learn a lot from them. The biggest reward for me is when I hear that our lectures have been insightful, helpful and practical, that people have felt more knowledgeable afterwards, entertained and sometimes even happy during the experience. The Academy helps you formulate your thoughts more clearly, to be a good example to others; you cannot relax while giving a session – it requires your complete undivided attention. It isn’t for everybody but it is certainly for those who enjoy helping others and who appreciate meaningful interactions with new people. The Academy gives you a lot of freedom as a teacher to implement methodologies in your work, as long as they are efficient.


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