Step into Strypes Lab 2024: Ready to Dive In?

We are meeting Lubo at the end of his working day, just before his regular workout at the gym. We would like to learn more about his role at Strypes and the sports achievements that he is well-known for among the team.

The decision to join the company has been one of the most important choices made by Lubo so far. Thanks to his talents and dedication we are not only making an impact for our clients, but also standing out on the football field within the Bulgarian IT league.

  • “A winner at work, a winner in sport.” Why do our colleagues describe you in this way?
  • Many colleagues at Strypes know that we are one of the biggest teams in the company working in favor of thousands of employees of our biggest client. I insist on working with maximum level of professionalism, creativity, and quality, and always encourage teamwork and freedom among the team. As a Team Lead, I am also involved in communication with clients and workflow distribution. Maybe this saying comes out of my participation in Strypes’ mini football team which is a top performer in one of the championships of the Bulgarian IT league this season. In the past years, we have had several great achievements on a national and even international level.
  • This is not the stereotype for an IT specialist. How do all these go along with your career?
  • This stereotype has changed a lot recently. Many colleagues of mine who are true professionals stand out with amazing skills, talents, and creativity beyond their professional skills. Personally, I was in the 9th grade when I realized that programming would be my choice. I tested my skills at a variety of competitions and stood out with good performance. After graduating, I studied at the Software University and continued my education in the field of Informatics and Computer Science. At that time a friend of mine told me about the open position for a JavaScript Developer at Strypes. The decision to apply has been among the best ones I have made in my life.
  • What opportunities has this job brought to you?

  • First, it gave me the opportunity to meet with Trifon Statkov – a great professional and my mentor for the first 4 years I spent as part of the company. Together we had several great achievements such as the four hackathons we took part in together in London, Dubai, and Amsterdam. Тwo of them were won by us with the smart TV apps we developed together. One of them called “Chef” helps you cook in a more interactive and fun way, and the other one, “Linda”, serves as a voice assistant that helps you control your TV device at home.

  • Are these your favorite memories as part of Strypes?

  • These and many more. I will always remember our participation at football tournaments, our team-buildings, and all these results for our clients that make us proud of our work. I truly value the team spirit and dedication of each of my mates and the freedom that we all have to grow personally while developing a career here. This company has changed a lot in front of my eyes but has always kept the friendly environment and inclusiveness which inspires us to do more day after day.

  • As a final thought: describe Strypes in five words:

  • Teamwork, Creativity, Quality, Professionalism, Freedom


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