Leading by Example: How Is Work-Life Balance Achieved by Women in IT?

Today we have been inspired by the story of a powerful and outstanding woman, part of our team. Donika is one of the proofs that women are capable of winning, achieving, and even outperforming as professionals, leaders, friends, and family members. Her career path, personal life, and the work-life balance she maintains all give reasons to admire and even envy her a little.


Donika, you have always been a very active, warm-hearted, and enthusiastic member of our family. Can we say that you are passionate about what you do?

More than passionate, I would say. People who know me can tell how open I am to new challenges and how often I feel ready to start new journeys. Here I am not talking only about my successful career at Strypes, but also about the large number of hobbies and interests that I have. And all these follow my key most important role in life as the mother of my 4-years old daughter.

Your story sounds so impressive, especially for a woman at such a young age. Could you share with us how your career journey began?

You bring me back to my years at university while I was studying Software & Internet Technologies in Varna. At that time it was not easy to find a job as a developer, so my first role was an IT recruiter. It really helped me stay close to technologies while working on my communication skills. Soon I ended up as the leader of the Students Council of the Technical University in Varna which taught me a good lesson – how to lead by example, motivate, and inspire big groups of people who are not even compensated for the work they do. Just before my graduation, as I was seeing my desired career in IT just a step away, I realized that another great responsibility will soon become part of my life with the birth of my child.

Despite being great news for you, this probably delayed your career growth, didn’t it?

To be honest, being a mother even strengthened my motivation and desire to keep learning and acting. I even upskilled myself through various trainings in Java, Python, C, and other technologies. Moreover, I remained an active member of the team I was working with before. My ambition to keep developing brought me to Code Academy where I did another course for developers and where I met mentors from Strypes. This is where I fell in love with them as professionals and with the company culture they were bringing.

You have worked with a good number of IT companies in your career. Why did you feel Strypes in a different way?

Strypes stands out with its unique spirit and the approach of putting employees above anything else inside the organization. Here is why I often tell people around me are not just my colleagues, but my family, which I felt so close to from the first moment after I joined the company. People here are able to inspire, to motivate, and to give you freedom to be yourself as part of the team.

Talking about this, do you share similar hobbies and passions with some of your teammates?

This is a must for every strong team! Most of us are passionate about gaming, skiing, tripping, board games, and many more. I often say that I am happy to see my mates being such “psychos”, just like me. In addition, I am keen on digital marketing, graphic design, and web content creation. This is a constantly evolving area which keeps me engaged and motivated to learn new skills. Another passion of mine is psychology which also helps me a lot at work.

If one word defines you, what would it be?

I am famous for being a “yes man” among people around me. I often take on new challenges and seek ways to turn ideas into reality. Whenever someone approaches me with a proposal or an idea in mind, I am ready to respond and start acting on it.

And what is your current role at Strypes? What do you like most about it?

Currently, I am part of the DevOps team at Strypes dealing with process optimization and automation for our biggest clients systems. My job requires mostly working with Python and involves building tools and easing software implementations for almost every team, part of our organization. What I love most about my job is that no day is the same as the previous one. Every new task is an entire new challenge for me and my team which never leaves us bored with or tired by our work. And my other favorite thing about my job is the fact that I meet so many friends who share my passions here. We are all lovers of gaming and rock music in my team, we love to entertain, and we like to party. Work has turned into real pleasure here!

We can only admire your passion and will to be a real professional, a good mother, and to keep learning and joining new projects all the time. What skills does a successful woman like you need to succeed?

First, it is the habit not to give up. Being a mother is not a reason to quit a job, to give up your hobbies, or to forget about your dreams. To me, it can only strengthen your passion and motivation to keep learning and acting. Second is the time-management skill that I find crucial for the dynamic world which we live in. Third is the ability to be thankful for what you have and to feel great satisfaction and happiness as you turn back and see what you have gone through so far.

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