Kick-Start Your Career in the IT World with Strypes Lab

What is the chance that your first job in programming matches your interests, knowledge, and experience?

For Edis and Pavel the participation in Strypes Lab has turned into the right challenge that has led them toward a successful kick-start of their career in IT as some of the new additions to the Strypes’ family.

Let’s meet with Edis Syuleyman, Junior C++ Developer, and Pavel Terziyski, Feature Integrator, who recently went through two of the courses that are part of the program.


Is it really for everyone?

The IT and programming topics might be too far from one’s career path and desired field for development. However, Strypes Lab does give a chance for everyone who is interested to know how it feels like working in the tech industry.

While Edis is studying Software and Internet Technologies at the Technical University in Varna, Pavel has been working as a salesman at a telecommunications provider and actively looking for a career change.

It has been a while since I decided that I want to work in IT. However, it really took a lot of time before I came across this opportunity to join the Feature Integrator course and find a job at Strypes.” – shares Pavel.

The Added Value

Yes, the courses have been designed to meet the demand of Strypes for junior professionals, but also bring practical value for all participants. In the case of Pavel, Strypes Lab has offered all specific knowledge and insights that he has needed for a quick and smooth transition in his professional life.

At the same time, the C++ course also added value for Edis in his studies.

While taking part in Strypes Lab, I was also covering similar topics during my university education. The academy gave me the chance both to level-up my knowledge and to cope with my studies and exams easier.” – adds Edis.

Both our colleagues outline the practical examples, the topics in the program, and the interaction between students and lecturers, that add meaningful value to all courses in Strypes Lab.

Make an Impact Right Away

One of the best things about Strypes Lab is that it is the fast track to real action, tech challenges, and engaging software projects. Both Pavel and Edis have launched their careers in IT soon after completing the program.

There is nothing more rewarding than looking around and seeing the real impact of what you have done and the contribution you are making with your day-to-day work.” – shares Edis.

My role puts me in the middle between our software developers and representatives of our clients. We take care of the smooth integration of our colleagues’ work and the implementation of changes and new features. It might be a little challenging sometimes, but this is what keeps you engaged, and motivated.” – adds Pavel.

Still Not Sure?

Pavel and Edis advise all potential candidates to take advantage of Strypes Lab as soon as possible, and to keep being proactive and curious.

You know it is worth it as soon as you catch a glimpse of the friendly environment that has been set up here. And you could hardly feel what I am talking about, unless you become part of the team or sign up for Strypes Lab, at least.” – comments Pavel.

Take advantage of the interaction with all the professionals leading the courses, and never stop expanding your knowledge. In terms of finding a new job, Strypes can offer a very smooth and pleasant onboarding process, and most importantly, the chance to meet real friends at work.” – tells us Edis.

We are just a few weeks away from the next Strypes Lab courses for C++ developers and Feature integrators. Check out more about the trainings and sign up before the deadlines here.

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