Keen on Informatics and Algorithmics? Get Ready for The Challenge 4

It all started as a nice idea for building just a small community around algorithmics enthusiasts but evolved into something big for the industry in Bulgaria powered by Strypes Group.” – says Maya Nikolova speaking about The Challenge 4 which is happening in December 2023.

Maya represents MNKowledge offering IT Education-as-a-Service and custom software development in Bulgaria. Throughout the years their team has been setting up regular initiatives engaging a community around the topic of algorithmics and adding free value for participants. However, the growing interest in the field has made them take a step further and set up a tournament for enthusiasts and professionals with its fourth edition knocking on the door.

What is The Challenge 4 and Whom is It for?

The Challenge 4 is an online competition testing the knowledge and skills of both professionals and students in Informatics in the field of algorithms. This year’s edition will feature two separate contests – the traditional Tuesday Afternoon Competition for solutions on C and C++, and Strypes Competition which is open for students and allows for solutions on Python, as well.

The ranking system used for the competition is the same one applied by the Ministry of Education and Science and used for determining the scores of participants in various Informatics competitions. In addition, the MNKnowledge team will review manually the solutions of contestants in the Competition and identify the ones showing quality code, style, and approach towards solving the tasks with the given programming language.

Maya Nikolova, MNKnowledge

Although we created The Challenge for professionals at first, secondary students turned out to be performing better and this is far from surprising. However, it creates a competitive environment for everyone and maybe this is the reason we meet more and more motivated participants every year.” – shares Maya about the target audience for the competition.

So far, The Challenge has gathered people from various backgrounds, despite being a very niche project. Within the community built around algorithmics you could even meet senior professionals from very different fields who are just enthusiastic about informatics and algorithmics, teachers and their students, and more.

And the Best Part: Top Performers Can Join Strypes Group

Contestants showing exceptional performance in the Strypes Competition that is part of The Challenge 4 will be considered as potential candidates for a full-time position in the company after a recommendation by MNKnowledge for the solution they have provided.

Why Is Strypes Chosen to Power The Challenge

We are working side by side with MNKnowledge on a variety of projects on a daily basis and The Challenge is just one example of our successful collaboration.

We insist on a partnership that brings benefits for both sides and we do have it with Strypes Group. The culture, the positioning, and the reputation of the company in the world of informatics and IT is essential for the success of many projects of ours.” – admits Maya.

The Social Impact

Initiatives like The Challenge are not just created to add value for the community, but also to raise the awareness of the broader audience on the topic and on the need for investment in the future of informatics in Bulgaria.

Through The Challenge we are not only motivating informatics enthusiasts to act and grow, but also emphasize on the unexplored potential of the youth due to diminishing or missing activation locally. I wish I had seen firm policy and planning by the public sector to inspire children to develop in the field and to build the future generations in the industry. However, I would also note that we do not see any alternative to university education in IT and informatics if one wants to grow professionally. To be able to catch up with all the innovations in the field, you must have gained the fundamental knowledge which does not happen in a couple of months, but in several years instead.” – notes Maya.

Why Join The Challenge 4

Put theory into practice, challenge contestants on real industry problems, and extract the maximum of their critical thinking and creativity. This is what we are looking for from anyone who signs up for The Challenge 4. This is also a great opportunity to join a community driven by like-minded people and, of course, a great chance to stand out professionally upon good results.

My advice for students or professionals is to take this opportunity and test their knowledge and skills in practice. Together with Strypes Group, we are letting them get an insight into the software industry and some current problems that need to be addressed, and I am really satisfied with the contribution we have for the entire community with this competition.” – concludes Maya.

Ready to take The Challenge 4? Over 130 people are already on board. Join the competition by 10th of December 2023:


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