Hristo Traykov: “Remote Never Felt So Close”

Many consider remote work as a challenge to engage employees and to create strong teams of specialists who are truly devoted to their job. In contrast, for our colleagues at Strypes it has always been a privilege to join our family from any location, from the beach or the mountains, even from a foreign country. Hristo Traykov, junior developer, is one of our teammates currently working from one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful cities – Varna. We are curious to learn how he organizes his daily tasks and whether he feels the team spirit that we are always trying to introduce.


Hristo, you have been part of Strypes for over a year now. What type of tasks does your current role include?

Currently, I am working on specific tasks and technical improvements that we build and introduce for our biggest client – a well-known name in the global tech field. I am also involved in the creation of documentation and the support of new features that we develop. My day starts with internal and external meetings followed by work on the personal tasks under my responsibility.

How does this type of work go with the work-from-home setup?

Apart from the obvious advantages of working by the sea, saving time, and gaining more flexibility, remote work at Strypes goes with constant communication and collaboration with my teammates that maintain the team spirit and keep us engaged. We have also had several occasions to meet and entertain together which contributes to the easy team building and boosts our results and team performance.

Don’t you miss the live communication with your mates at work?

Of course, I do, but I think that with the intensity of online collaboration and the habit to support each other anytime, we manage to keep it as close as possible to the live communication we were all used to before. I am happy that there is always someone whom I can turn to for a question or a specific job-related request, or even for a personal issue.

When did you realize that programming is your desired field of development?

People at my age have been raised with computers all around them. As a child, I was keen on video games, but later, became curious about how games function, what stands behind and how I could develop similar applications myself. Here is what lit up my interest and made me want to chase a career in the IT field.

You mentioned that remote work gives you more spare time and the opportunity to live and work in Varna. Could you share something curious about your hobbies and interests, something that makes you want to stay there?

Actually, I was born in Petrich, I lived in Sofia, but recently moved to Varna due to personal reasons. I am very thankful that my job gives me the opportunity and flexibility to choose the location that I work from and that Strypes manages to take care of everyone in the team, despite the current circumstances. In addition to dealing with programming, I am keen on cycling and also to playing board games – another passion of mine inspired by my job and by my teammates. Can’t wait to be part of Strypes’ board games afternoons as soon as the pandemic is over!

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