Step into Strypes Lab 2024: Ready to Dive In?

Niko has been part of the company for over half a year now, working and living in Varna. His vast expertise in the software and hardware field from his previous work have helped him to quickly settle in his team at Strypes . Programming, however, is not the only passion he has been developing throughout the years.

  • Niko, we know that diving is one of your favorite hobbies, isn’t it
  • It is something I have been doing since I was a child. At that time we did not have any equipment to use, but I was somehow fascinated by the sea world and the scenery underwater. Now it has turned into my passion, and I’d say I am quite an experienced diver already.

  • Where do you like practicing the most?

– I love the Black Sea, but if you want to see truly amazing views you should go somewhere else, in Greece, for example and dive into the Mediterranean Sea. This hobby of mine has brought me other great experiences and many adventures, of course, but helped me discover other passions of mine such as travelling or boating. Here I should note that I started travelling at the time when you could hardly rely on the Internet, social media, or navigation, and could lose yourself easily. However, “getting lost” in countries like Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, or Greece helped me discover some great sites that I never knew were existing. When I cannot travel, I still go diving on our coast where it is less crowded with tourists and you can see more of the marine wildlife. And one last tip for the less experienced: avoid diving in the waters of Croatia if you prefer not to deal with local police and giving explanations what you are looking for under the surface. I learned that lesson the hard way.

  • Windsurfing is another thing you are keen on. How did it all start?

– Curiosity and openness to new adventures is what really defines me, and this is one of the reasons I ended up windsurfing or being on a sailing ship. It is amazing that if you have one you could actually go around the world for free. This feeling of being taken by the power of wind is more than exciting! As for windsurfing, I’d say that it is harder to do it than it looks like.

  • Then having motorcycling as another passion of yours is not a surprise at all.

– And it is something that I keep doing thanks to my son who is also keen on motorbikes.

  • And how about astronomy? Where did it come from?

– Astronomy may not have much in common with my job and the rest of my hobbies, but it can give you a totally different perspective on our existence. I still manage to keep an eye on the latest trends in the field and I am quite excited about the dynamics of technological advancement that humanity is demonstrating.

  • Still, this somehow relates to your job, since we are also working on cutting-edge technologies here, at Strypes, doesn’t it?

– Sure, it does. The projects that I am working on are led by our biggest client who is really dominating their industry and innovating all the time. This is at the same time quite challenging and satisfying for me. I am happy that with my work I am really making an impact side by side with great professionals within a friendly and open environment here, at Strypes.

And no matter how many adventures he has underwater and around different countries, the comfort of home remains something Niko wouldn’t replace. And in order to be able to “escape” from the city life without having to cross countries and seas, Niko decided some time ago to get a house near Shabla. The renovations are still ongoing , but everything is progressing according to plan: that this will soon become his weekend getaway!

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