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You must be curious to learn why someone would leave the army to launch a career in IT. Today we are meeting you with Georgi, Feature Integrator at Strypes, who has been with us for more than a year now. Does being a soldier have something to do with working in tech? Let’s see.

Georgi, you have gone through a complete transformation in your career. Could you tell us more?

  • I had set the goal to spend 15 years in the army, but a career in technology has always been my ambition. Throughout these years I took several courses in programming and digital marketing and managed to graduate from university. As soon as I left military service, I continued upskilling and ended up on a job interview at Strypes.

However, some things have not changed, and you are still very keen on sports and competition, aren’t you?

  • Over the years, as a paratrooper, I have jumped more than 180 times with a parachute from different aircraft. I have also taken part in military sports events that require significant strength, preparation, and physical health. All these have made me realize how good I feel being part of a team and competing or racing. 

Gradually, I became part of most of the sports events organized in the army such as swimming, running, football, skiing, etc., with more than 200 prizes won and recognitions as an Athlete of the Year by the Ministry of Defense.

My passion for sports has not changed as I joined Strypes and I try to stay as active as possible. As part of the company I have initiated the creation of our mini-football team in Plovdiv which today is one of the best in the amateur league we are taking part in. And for me it is not all about winning in such initiatives, but also about participating, and meeting friends.

The role you have is quite specific for Strypes. Could you tell us what a Feature integrator does and why it is key for our company?

  • My job deals with creating working environments for developers, testing their code, and fixing bugs so that they can concentrate on core programming tasks. The key drivers for me on the role are building trust, demonstrating professionalism, and increasing productivity and added value for the teams and the entire organization.

What do you like the most about being at Strypes and working in this position?

  • I would say: the atmosphere. The people in my team have turned into friends of mine and I really like the team gatherings and events we have. The first time I entered the office I realized that this is a place in which everyone is respected, valued, and stimulated to contribute to overall success and to making an impact. Most often, when I think about Strypes, passion, growth, and friendships come to mind first.

How do you manage to lead such an active lifestyle combining work duties with sports and spending enough time with your family?

  • To me, all these are connected to each other. Playing sports gives me health and energy, my job gives me financial stability and professional fulfillment, while my family gives me support and care. There is nothing that I love more than spending time with my kids whom I try to get inspired by an active lifestyle.

Many people dream of a career and lifestyle transformation like the one you have had. What would be your advice for them?

  • You might be scared of the unknown. Yes, such a move requires planning, time investment, and patience, but the worst could be not to make the first step ever. Accept the idea that you might not have a clear vision at the beginning, but it is very likely that it will work out at the end. 

    I see that people tend to lose the battle in their mind, ignoring basic rules for a healthy lifestyle related to sports, food, sleep, etc. My experience says that even small changes related to these always pays off and makes you a better version of yourself.

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