Clients choose us because of the spirit that we bring

For many of our colleagues Strypes has always been more than just a place to work. We continuously promote our company culture and insist on being an employer that inspires, motivates, entertains, and cares for the team. There is nothing more pleasing than seeing our vision for a workplace turning into a reality. Biserka Todorova, one of our teammates, proves that when you love your job and your team, work turns into pleasure and colleagues turn into friends. Even into family.

With more than 5 years of experience at Strypes as a Project manager, Biserka is leading one of our Python teams working on projects related to one of the biggest tech companies that you might have not heard of – ASML. Below, Biserka is sharing with us what has made her a true leader and why is she putting so much of her energy and enthusiasm into her job.

Biserka, it seems that Strypes is giving you more than just a good career. Is it true?

For me, good career opportunities come only after a few other key factors exist. I strongly believe that your job must be your passion and must give you satisfaction by making even a small impact on the world. You can always feel whether a job is bringing you enough pleasure and fulfillment and this is exactly what I can enjoy in my current role.

Do you think that the same applies to your teammates?

No doubt, they all contribute to building a united team by being such open-hearted, cooperative, and friendly people, before being truthful and responsible co-workers. That is why I believe that every colleague of ours shares my passion and enthusiasm and the positive impact for all of us is more than visible.

What could you point out as the strongest advantage of being with Strypes?

This is the friendly environment and the transparency that we have built among us. No matter whether you are talking to our CEO, to one of your direct reports, or to anyone else at Strypes, you can always speak up and share your thoughts, concerns, or questions in a straightforward way. This is what people at organizations value more and more these days. It wouldn’t be a lie if I say that it feels like family here.

Your team is constantly growing in number of people. What specialists are you looking for?

Despite the turbulent times, we managed to keep all our people and even attracted new members in our teams. Currently, we are looking for python developers who will be part of our projects together with one of our major clients – a leading global tech giant dominating the market in its niche. In contrast with some basic projects that we had been working on in the beginning, Strypes is now a trusted partner for major and complex software development projects. To me, this is the result from the attitude of our people and the motivation to make an impact with their job. In the end of the day, this is what makes us happy and fulfilled, as well.

What qualities would someone need to be part of your team?

I would say that technical background is important, but what we value even more is the positive can-do attitude. Even if one lacks enough experience, we will recognize their motivation and help them make the next steps, while trying to find the best place for everyone depending on their skills and desires. I believe that, thanks to our effort to integrate people, we are giving everyone at Strypes the feeling of belonging to the team.

Could you share the secret of strong and sustainable software development teams?

We have a way of organizing our work that has given proven results in time. Instead of getting a job and forming a team around it, we bring projects into already built teams of software specialists. We know that when working together people create relationships, get to know each other, and recognize their strengths and weaknesses at work. I’m happy to say that apart from supporting each other at work, we are all good friends in our personal lives.

Would you change anything about your job?

I wish we could spend more time together in the current situation. Whenever I have the chance, I prefer to visit our office and work side by side with the rest of my colleagues there. Every time when we are onboarding a new member of our team, I meet them at the office, show them around, and try to make them feel part of our family as soon as possible. Not because I have to, but because this is where we really want to make the difference for our people.

Is this internal atmosphere one of the biggest values for Strypes?

It is the people who create it. They are of greatest value. Clients come and go, but if people go away, the spirit of the organization will be lost. And, trust me, very often our clients and partners choose Strypes because of the awesome spirit that we bring.

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